"Palestinians" = LIES

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"palestinians", History

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"


Regarding Media's constant obsession in  "updating" us on Palestinian' collateral 'casualties' in anti terror operations
1) We do not hear Media's updating us on another of the 19 at the Genocide Bombing in Haifa that (as a result of terrible wounds of the nail bombing with chemical poison) it jumped to 21!
2) We do not see Media's explaining that Hmas/Islamic-Jihad use intentionally human shields.
3) We do not hear Media's elaborating on Israel's great length, high risks in: inventing special low damage missiles, searching for the most vacant vicinities, pinpointing operations, all taking into account that 'not hitting them is in fact resulting in direct danger to Israeli kids'..
4) When was the last time the media has tried to clarify that the 'guns' in the IDF's hands shoot ONLY RUBBER BULLET (yes, false images again), until/unless felt in real life danger?
5) We do not hear Media's mentioning a word about those "civilians" that shelter knowingly these CHILD-MURDERERS 'freedom-fighters."
Blame only Hamas/Jihad & those that harbor them, Never blame the Cop!

'palestinian' Kids death, their Parents & Teachers FAULT ONLY!

It is these type of wrong images & reporting that gives fuel to the anyway-incited Arab Muslim world.
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