'Palestinian' Arabs' Muslim vicious tactics of HUMAN SHIELDS

Why their kids die - How they cause their kids deaths for propaganda purposes

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They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. We believe that the following photographs demonstrates vividly the moral issues facing Israeli troops when confronting armed Palestinian gunmen taking refuge among children and civilians. When taking into consideration this terrorist tactic -- operating from within civilian population -- one can only appreciate the relatively low Palestinian civilian casualty rate caused by IDF soldiers.

Look at the photographs. Read the original captions. Examine the environment. See the civilians.

Original Caption: Palestinian militants exchange fire with Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip, February 11, 2004. In their deadliest strike for months, Israeli troops killed at least 14 Palestinians in gun battles in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, in raids Israel said were to root out militants behind attacks on Jewish settlements. REUTERS/Str


Original Caption: A Palestinian militant points his gun at the sky during a firefight with Israeli forces in Gaza City.(AFP/Mahmoud Hams)


Original Caption: Masked Palestinian militants from the Hamas group, bottom and from Islamic Jihad, top, take positions during a gunfight with Israeli forces in a Gaza city's neighborhood, Wednesday Feb. 11, 2004. Israeli troops moved into a neighborhood at the eastern edge of Gaza City early Wednesday, killing atleast 14 Palestinians and wounding at least 27 others in exchanges of fire, residents said, sparking the bloodiest fighting in Gaza in four months. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)


Original Caption: A Palestinian militant sets up a home made anti-tank missile during an exchange fire with Israeli troops during a raid into the Gaza Strip, February 11, 2004. In their deadliest strike for months, Israeli troops killed at least 14 Palestinians in gun battles in the Gaza Strip Wednesday, in raids Israel said were to root out militants behind attacks on Jewish settlements. The army assault followed signs of unease in the military over a shock announcement by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon last week that he planned to pull all settlers out of the Gaza Strip. Photo by Reuters


Original Caption: A masked Hamas militant sets up a makeshift mortar launcher against Israeli forces, unseen, as Palestinian youths try to cover him from the sight of the forces during an incursion in a Gaza city's neighborhood, Wednesday Feb. 11, 2004. Israeli troops moved into a neighborhood at the eastern edge of Gaza City early Wednesday, killing atleast 14 Palestinians and wounding at least 27 others in exchanges of fire, residents said, sparking the bloodiest fighting in Gaza in four months. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

It is an oxymoron for the PLO or Hamas to be shooting from behind children, women and the aged and then accusing Israelis of murdering those children, woman and the aged while aiming at the PLO or Hamas combatant.

It is time to realize that responsibility and authority are the same in civilized warfare. However, when oximoron anti civilized warfare is used responsibility and authorityare seperated.

Example: Israelis Killing Anti Civilized PLO or Hamas Combatants firing from behind children, women, or the aged is not murder. The Israelis are the author of the killing. However, it is the PLO and Hamas combatant who are resposible for the war crime murder of innocent children, women and the aged.

The above portion, from 'Mideasttruth.com'.

More Shields

kids hide the gunmen. See red circle

Even their own Media Documents the use of Kids as Shields

Palestinians Use Children as Cannon Fodder

Tulkarm, West Bank - In a rare letter of protest sent in early December to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, a Palestinian women's group demanded that the Palestinian Authority stop using children as cannon fodder.
"Our children are being sent into the streets to face heavily armed Israeli soldiers," said the letter from the Tulkarm Women's Union - a local branch of the Palestinian Women's Union, a trade-union group that promotes the status of women in the Palestinian Authority.
"The Palestinian Authority must put an end to this phenomenon. We urge you to issue instructions to your police force to stop sending innocent children to their death."
The letter adds weight to complaints from parents who are beginning to speak out despite what they say has been months of intimidation by armed gunmen loyal to Arafat.
'We don't want to send our sons to the front line, but they are being taken by the Palestinian Authority," says Aisheh, 43, a mother of six in the West Bank city of Tulkarm. She says she decided to speak out after her 17-year-old son was hit in the head by a rubber bullet. He suffered a concussion.
Like other protesting parents, Aisheh declines to allow her full name to be published for fear of reprisals. A nurse from Gaza who spoke out on Palestinian TV against sending children to the flash points was condemned in the Palestinian media as a traitor. Other individuals who refuse to allow their names to be published say they have been threatened by armed Fatah officials for discouraging their children from participating in the clashes.
Israel has faced international criticism for the deaths of at least 38 youths under the age of 17 in the first two months of conflict in which nearly 300 people have died. Nearly 1,000 children have been injured. The Palestinians consider anyone under the age of 17 a child. But children just entering their teens-and some even younger-have been injured in the region's worst violence in nearly a decade.
Bassam Abu Sharif, a special adviser to Arafat, has accused Israeli troops of "cold-blooded killing." He denies Israeli accusations that the Palestinian Authority has placed children at the front of demonstrations to act as human shields for armed gunmen.
"We don't send children-nobody can send children-and we don't hide behind children," Abu Sharif says.
But Aisheh says the militia of Arafat's Fatah movement and the Palestinian security forces provide transportation and encouragement to children eager to answer the call to combat Israel's continued presence on Arab land. "When school finishes, Palestinian Authority security cars go around collecting children from the streets and sending them to the killing fields," she says. "This is very serious because they are children and they are unarmed."
Israeli army chiefs point out that not all the children killed in the recent clashes have been innocent bystanders. They say their snipers have orders to shoot anyone shooting or throwing Molotov cocktails at them, but some of the attackers have been as young as 12.
Palestinian Authority TV broadcasts constant images of children carrying weapons and staging mock attacks on Israelis. Over the summer, children as young as 12 were trained in the use of Kalshnikov rifles and other weapons at special camps by Fatah officials.
"As the number of those killed rises, the Palestinian media extol and exalt not only those killed, but also their willingness to die as martyrs for Allah, emphasizing that dying a martyr's death was the realization of their hopes," says Itamar Marcus, director of the Palestinian Media Watch monitoring group.
Palestinian Authority TV and newspapers also have come under fire, accused of encouraging children to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at armed Israeli troops.
Aisheh's husband, Abdelghani, says intimidation has kept parents from speaking out. "No one here dares to say publicly that he is against sending his own children to the front line," he says. "Some parents who have tried to protest have been condemned as fifth columnists (traitors) and threatened."


When Attacking Israelis - Palestinians Use Children as "Human Shields" - Palestinians use children like this as "Human Shields" and then call this child a "hero" if he gets hurt! Where are the parents of these children? ... Behind these children are Palestinian "peaceful demonstrators" using live gunfire at Israeli soldiers and civilians!



November 8, 2000

United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Mary Robinson is to begin a week-long visit to the area today, with Foreign Ministry officials saying they will present a strong case to her about the Palestinian's "cynical" use of children as human shields in the recent riots.
Foreign Ministry legal adviser Alan Baker said the use of children in the violence constitutes no less than a "war crime," and cites various international conventions to back up his position. Various international treaties, Baker says, set the age of 15 as minimum age for a child to participate in hostilities, whether directly - through combat - or through other means.
According to Baker, the Palestinians are well aware of the IDF's firing procedures: tear gas and water hoses against rock throwers, rubber bullets against firebomb throwers, and live fire against gunmen.
Prime Minister Ehud Barak explained that the Palestinians are placing the stonethrowers in the front lines, followed by the fire-bomb hurlers and then the snipers. In some cases, he said, some of the Palestinian youths killed during the clashes have actually been shot from behind.
The use of children as combatants was spelled out last week in a letter Israeli Ambassador to the UN Yehuda Lancry wrote to the executive director of UNICEF, asking the children's rights advocate to pressure the Palestinians to keep their children out of areas of potential conflict.
"Chairman Yasser Arafat, who is ruthlessly encouraging the involvement of children in the violence, calls them 'the Generals of the rocks.' He would have the world believe that Israel, with its guns and helicopters, is waging a war against 10-year-olds with small stones," Lancry wrote. "In truth, however, the children... are used as human shields for the gunmen, bomb throwers, and lynch mobs whose faces have been totally obscured and invisible to the media."
The message seems to be getting through, at least at a declarative level.
Yesterday, PA Information Minister Yasser Abed Rabbo said, "There has been an overwhelming agreement among Palestinian factions to carry out a public-awareness campaign to prevent those children under 16 years old from taking part in these demonstrations." According to Abed Rabbo, the children are not knowingly being used as cannon fodder, but rather take part in the protests as a genuine expression of pain and grievance.
The problem, Baker says, is that children at that age are incapable of making the kind of logical decisions regarding whether to place themselves in life-threatening situations, and are in need of parental guidance and authority to protect them.
Regarding Robinson's visit, Mordechai Yedid, deputy director-general of the Foreign Ministry's UN and International Organizations division, said Israel will receive her as the head of the UN's Commission on Human Rights, but not as part of a human rights inquiry commission the body set up last month after adopting a one-sided resolution condemning Israel for "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Israel, said Yedid, has informed Robinson that it will not cooperate with the body, or in any way assist it in implementing the resolution.
During her two-day visit, Robinson will meet with Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami, Justice Minister Yossi Beilin, and Supreme Court President Aharon Barak. A meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Barak is still in the works.
She is scheduled to go to the Palestinian Authority on Friday, where she is slated to meet Arafat and will surely be flooded with numerous allegations of Israeli human rights violations.
Robinson is a former president of Ireland and is seen as a possible candidate in the race to succeed Kofi Annan when his term as UN secretary-general expires in two years.

Palestinian Youth Sacrificed As Political Camera Fodder


...notice the children all around, providing: 1) human shields for the terrorists, and 2) propaganda fodder if the IDF strikes and accidentally kills them or if the bomb explodes prematurely

'Palestinian' war crimes
This is why Palestinian kids are accidentally killed by the Israeli military during anti-terror operations.

Is it moral to die for human shields?
By Dr. Aaron Lerner June 16, 2006
...while Israel has made strides in its ability to identify and target rocket teams as they deploy to launch, a considerable number of launches are carried out before the teams can be taken out.
As a result, Israel finds itself constantly having to choose between exposing Israeli civilians to the risk of being murdered by Palestinian rockets or taking action against the rocket teams and the infrastructure supporting the teams where Palestinian "civilians are remotely likely to be put in harm's way."

Israel Proves Gaza Deaths Caused by Palestinian Terrorism Holding the civilian population of Gaza hostage, as human shields, as they fire rockets into Israel.

Hamas Murders Children in Palestine, Blames Israel ... defensive firing at Hamas rocket launch pads which were deployed behind Palestinian human shields, ... While the Palestinians originally pinned the blame for all these incidents on Israel, it has since turned out that al-Dura may have been killed by Palestinians, that there was no "Jenin massacre," and that the deaths in Jabaliya were caused when Hamas activists "mishandled" explosives at a mass rally.
The Israel Colonel who confirmed that a Hamas explosives stockpile killed innocent Palestine children on a Gaza beach, added: "It should be noted that the Hamas rockets which killed those kids came from Iran. For many in Palestine, Iran and Syria, those children are now merely good "martyrs" and serve as blood food for the Islam terror propaganda machine." (June, 2006)

the Palestinian terrorists are ultimately responsible for noncombatants who are inadvertently killed or wounded as a result of the terrorists' practice of hiding among civilians to use them as shields

Use of human shields complicates Israel's approach.
Article from: Chicago Tribune (Chicago, IL) Article date: November 27, 2006... BEIT LAHIYA, Gaza Strip -- On a rooftop in a crowded neighborhood here, about 30 Palestinian women sat on chairs and mattresses on a recent afternoon, serving as human shields against a possible Israeli air strike on the family home of a prominent Hamas militant. As an Israeli drone buzzed overhead,the women were defiant.

Palestinians Shoot 15 Human Shields (2007)
200 Gaza residents decided their "human shield" tactics worked so well against the Israelis, they would try it to stop the shooting between rival terrorists in Gaza:
"Just as we used to protect you from the occupation by acting as human shields, we have come to protect you from yourselves," one protester shouted at gunmen, referring to instances when Palestinian civilians positioned themselves between militants and Israeli forces.


Hamas Using Women to protect their terror from their mosque

10 killed as terrorists use human shields

'Palestinians' Hit a New Low, Setting up a Boy, Unknowingly, to become a Suicide Bomber

Arab Terrorist�s Wife Used Baby to Hide Grenade

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More on Human Shields - from http://www.anti-cair-net.org/

U.S. doctors: Palestinian intifada abusing children

Kids - the main force of the Palestinian Front

Palestinian Children Die As Human Shields For Adult Terrorist Leaders

YouTube - Palestinians Using Kids As Human Shield This video shows the use of children by This video shows the use of children by the Palestinian terrorists as a human shield from the IDF. ... (more) (less) ...

Melanine.org - Human shield in Gaza



Palestinian Crimes of HUMAN SHIELDS, Beit Hanoun (Nov, 2006)

Amazing how effective it is, their tactics, after all, the mainstream media didn't blame Huzbullah when doing that in Qana, that only boosted the Palestinians to continue using their civilians as bombs and as shields. Anything to demonize the Zionists.

Beit Hanoun: A hub of terrorist activity http://www.mfa.gov.il/MFA/Terrorism-+Obstacle+to+Peace/Terrorism+and+Islamic+Fundamentalism-/Beit+Hanoun-+a+hub+of+terrorist+activity+5-Nov-2006.htm?DisplayMode=print

Beit Hanoun: Women act as human shields http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3324081,00.html YNet, Israel - Nov 5, 2006... Men leaving city accompanied by women who act as their 'human shields.' Residents report ... On the way from Erez Crossing to Gaza City is the town of Beit Hanoun. ...

Hamas Uses Women as Human Shields Omega Letter Intelligence Digest (subscription) http://www.omegaletter.com/articles.asp?ArticleID=5991

Terrorists Hide Behind Civilians IDF Operation Autumn Clouds In Gaza To Continue ThreatsWatch.Org http://inbrief.threatswatch.org/2006/11/idf-operation-autumn-clouds-in/ http://today.reuters.com/News/newsArticle.aspx?type=topNews&storyID=2006-11-06T145946Z_01_L12263400_RTRUKOC_0_US-MIDEAST.xml&WTmodLoc=NewsHome-C1-topNews-7

Israel Uncovers Female �Terror Network� The Media Line... More than 55 Palestinians were killed in the operation, including several civilians ... civilians were caught in the line of fire while being used as human shields. http://themedialine.org/news/news_detail.asp?NewsID=15612

PALESTINIAN ARABS ONCE AGAIN USE WOMEN AND CHILDREN AS HUMAN ...Dafka - Nov 5, 2006 Palestinian terror organizations used woman and children as human shields this past weekend ... In response, the Palestinians organized a human shield of more than ... http://www.dafka.org/NewsGen.asp?S=4&PageID=1320


GAZA STRIP: Palestinians use women as human shieldsPeoria Journal Star, IL - Nov 3, 2006... of women who streamed to the scene to serve as human shields, killing one and ... More than 20 Palestinians, most gunmen, have been killed since the offensive began ... http://www.pjstar.com/stories/110306/pm__BBE5F07L.012.shtml
Women acting as human shields aid escape of Palestinian militants Los Angeles Times, CA - Nov 3, 2006... who were rushing toward the shrine to serve as human shields. Two of the women were killed on the third day of fighting in the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun. ... http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-ex-mideast3nov04,0,2270037.story?coll=la-home-headlines

If Israel really were as sadistic as its critics claim, it wouldn't have called off yesterday's bombing run. Just the opposite: It would have jumped at the chance to kill so many Palestinians at one go. Just imagine if the shoe were on the other foot, and hundreds of Israeli "human shields" positioned themselves in an unguarded cafe in the West Bank. Palestinian suicide bombers would be stepping over each other in an effort to attack the target. "Human shields" work only when your enemy fights like a human.

A second irony is that it is men like Barud who are at the root of Palestinian misery -- for if they were not firing rockets at Israel from Gaza, and smuggling in weapons from Egypt, there would be no need for the Jewish state to stage counterterrorist operations in Gaza, every square inch of which it evacuated in August, 2005. If Palestinians were more rational about where their society's interests lie, they would go to Barud's house not to offer protection -- but to arrest him so that others in the area could live in peace.


Video's Palestinians Using Children As Human Shields
March 07, 2008

Hamas exploitation of civilians as human shields: Photographic evidence
6 Mar 2008
Deliberate use of civilians as human shields
In its fight to defend itself against Hamas attacks against its civilians, Israel is faced with moral challenges unprecedented in their complexity. Hamas, as a basic element of its strategy, exploits the Palestinian population as shields for its terrorist operations and infrastructure. This cynical strategy include the following tactics:
- The deliberate launching of rocket froom populated areas
- The deliberate use of civilian homes tto shield Hamas arms and explosives manufacturing facilities
- The deliberate use of civilians as hummann shields against anticipated airstrikes
"The purpose of the civilian presence was to have them serve as human shields, exploiting the fact that the IDF avoids harming Palestinian civilians."

The inscription reads: �Hamas calls upon on [the Palestinian] public to come
to the house of Abu al-Hatal in al-Sha’af [neighborhood] to act
as human shields� (Al-Aqsa TV, March 1).

Hamas firing from civilian homes - Hamas firing from civilian homes. Terrorists surrounded by women, children, ... and excessive use of force that has killed an injured so many civilians, ... (March, 2008)

Defending humane Israel's action (Dec 2008) in Gaza on "Palestinians" who use kids as human shields

Harris noted that Israel has always gone to great lengths in an attempt to avoid civilian casualties, but that, tragically, Hamas uses civilians "as human shields," making Israel's efforts still more challenging. (Dec 27, 2008)

Hamas Prepares 15,000 Soldiers, Civilian Human Shields For Full Confrontation With Israel (Dec 27, 2008)

Hamas took no heed of the plight of their own brethren, "and just as they have used human shields in their terror operations, they are now taking the whole ...

Israel's Challenge Family Security Matters, NJ - Dec 26, 2008 Why is criticism never leveled at Hamas or Hezbollah who regularly use children as human shields to protect their leaders and their weapons? ...

Israel retaliation in Gaza, Hamas hit hard Canada Free Press, Canada Any suspected hideouts of Hamas leadership must be taken out. Israel had opportunities in earlier decades to do this and refused because of the human shield


Hamas Explains Use of Civilians as Human Shields

By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook

"We desire death as you desire life."

The UN announcement that 51 civilians have died in the conflict in Gaza must be understood in the context of Hamas's declared ideology to use civilians as human shields for Hamas fighters. Indeed, Hamas continues to emphasize and promote the religious ideology that death for Allah is an ideal to be actively pursued.

The goal is to convince Palestinians, including women and children, not to fear death but even to face it at the front to protect Hamas fighters. Hamas's placement of its military installations and fighters among civilians reflects this ideology, and has led to these 51 deaths.

A Hamas representative in the PA legislative council this year expressed pride in the fact that women and children are used as human shields in fighting Israel. He described it as part of a "death industry" at which Palestinians excel, and explained that the Palestinians "desire death" with the same intensity that Israelis "desire life."

The following is the full text of the comments by Hamas representative Fathi Hamad: "For the Palestinian people death became an industry, at which women excel and so do all people on this land: the elderly excel, the Jihad fighters excel, and the children excel. Accordingly [Palestinians] created a human shield of women, children, the elderly and the Jihad fighters against the Zionist bombing machine, as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy: We desire death as you desire life."


Injured Palestinian girl: Hamas is the cause of all wars
A haunting clip from an outfit that specializes in them: Portrait of a human shield, her four-year-old sister one of 60 civilians killed...

The suffering that Hamas causes (Dec 2008) ...
But it isn't only Israelis whose fundamental human rights Hamas is violating. It is those of the Palestinian population about whose welfare Hamas professes to care.
In direct contravention of international law, Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as human shields, utilizing homes, schools and community centers as launching pads, content in the knowledge that if innocent Palestinian civilians are caught in the cross-fire, it will be Israel that is criticized. This amounts to a sort of Daily Double of human rights violations: the use of innocent Palestinians as human shields for the infliction of violence upon innocent Israelis.

The Father of the Human Shield Dead
DigitalJournal.com - 2 Jan 2009
Nizar al-Rayyan invented the Human Shields method. IsraelPolitik reports that Hamas has released an official statement �declaring that Dr. Nizar al-Rayyan, ...

Ground push / Mission: Break Hamas Ha'aretz - Jan 3, 2009
Hamas may also use children as "human shields" for weapons caches inside mosques.

IDF launches Gaza ground operation
Ha'aretz - Jan 3, 2009
Those who use civilians, the elderly, women and children as "human shields" are responsible for any and all injuries to the civilian population.

They Asked For It! Hamas goads Israeli military to invade Gaza Strip
Gather.com - Jan 3, 2009
They're showing no regard for the high, civilian casualties due to the upcoming, street fighting. They're using their countrymen as human shields.

NETANYAHU: This humanitarian crisis is the direct result of the Hamas tactic of firing at our civilians and hiding behind their civilians, and it�s something that we cannot tolerate. No nation would tolerate 6,000 rockets fired on its cities, and Israel finally decided to take action.

We have to make sure that we don�t just have a cease-fire, but that this criminal rocketing of our cities is not resumed a few months from now. Because that�s exactly what happened a few months ago. They were firing rockets at us, the Hamas. We had a cease-fire. They used the cease-fire to get further range — longer-range rockets, which they have now fired at Beersheba and Ashdod and into the southern suburbs of Tel Aviv. So obviously, we have to remove the threat, not just stop the firing. And that�s what Israel is engaged in right now.


Crush Hamas and brave the backlash | The Australian - But as was pointed out - Israel attempts to target military and political sites. hamas attacks civilians. there is no such thing as disproportionate attacks …


Rocket alert sends New York’s Bloomberg running for cover in Sderot…
the onus of the civilian deaths was on Hamas for using them as human shields.
“They have been the main victimizers of the innocent Palestinian people by inviting these kinds of attacks,” he said.


IDF coordination chief: There is no humanitarian crisis

Hamas terrorists are using civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip - including hospitals, mosques and areas next to offices of international aid groups - to conduct terrorist activity and fire rockets at Israel, Col. Moshe Levi, commander of the IDF's Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA), said Thursday.

Hamas Exploitation of Civilians as Human Shields
Right Side News
This study examines how Hamas and the other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip make extensive use of Palestinian civilians as human shields. ...

'Hamas is guilty of war crime'
BBC News
... artillery attack near a UN school in the Gaza Strip. On Radio 4's The World Tonight he claimed that Hamas were guilty of using civilians as "human shields".

A Petition to the U.N. on Palestinian Muslims Crimes By Jamie Glazov January 16, 2009 Gabriel: Something simply had to be done to bring attention to what Hamas is doing. Hamas is a religiously driven radical Islamic organization. Westerners simply do not understand, and I believe have a hard time believing, how far radical Muslims are willing to go to accomplish their objectives. That's why so many in the West tend to dismiss the evil of Islamofascism and Islamists' depth of hatred towards the Jews and their commitment to destroy Israel at any cost -- including sacrificing their own children to achieve their goal.

[Jan 6, 2009] ... Hamas Continues to Hide Behind Children... UN school,

Yes, free Gaza � from terrorist tyranny
Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Some of the Arab and Muslim demonstrators who recently came to our offices were holding signs that said �Free Gaza.� Many Israelis would raise that same sign, me included, but for different reasons. People tend to forget that as of August 2005, Israel has not been in Gaza, and that the Gazans have been under Hamas control since June 2007. Indeed, Gaza needs to be freed from many different extremist forces.
Gaza should be freed from Hamas, a terrorist organization that seized the strip by force. Since the takeover, Hamas has run Gaza�s economy into the ground and now nearly half of the work force is unemployed. Hamas has built a Taliban-style state in Gaza and introduced many of the Islamic Shari�a laws, institutionalizing the persecution of women and minorities.
Hamas has transformed Gaza from a free territory to a large bunker, a place where rockets are stored under families, schools and places of prayer. Unfortunately, Gazans not only live among this militarization, but are now a tool in Hamas� aggression. The terrorist organization has developed a strategy of using innocent civilians as human shields. When Israel warns that the houses of Hamas operatives and commanders will be targeted, the terrorists bring in innocent citizens, often by force, in an effort to increase the likelihood of civilian casualties. Hamas� leaders rely on the strict Israeli moral code, hoping to avoid being attacked or that a strike will allow them to score points in the media by sacrificing their own people, creating what looks like acts of Israeli military aggression.
Gaza should be freed from the intervention of Iran, a state that openly admits to financing Hamas. Iran is also helping Palestinian terror organizations with training, intelligence and equipment. Some of this �aid� is channeled through Hezbollah in Lebanon � yet another Iranian proxy organization. Hezbollah and Iran use the Gazans to maintain regional political relevance in their empty agenda against Israel.
Gaza should be freed from some of the Arab satellite channels like Al-Jazeera. These television stations engage in the direct incitement of the Arab and Muslim world. Everything is acceptable in their eyes to raise their ratings: including long shots of bodies and injuries. Some of these channels do not dismiss any editing trick and consider propaganda as a normal part of their news reporting.
As far as Israel is concerned, Gaza is free and it is the decision of its inhabitants what the area�s destiny will be. They can continue to buy into the self-defeating promises of terrorist organizations and extremist ideologies. Even worse, they can continue to let these organizations use them as human shields and demolish their hopes and futures.
Gazans can only truly be free by declaring Gaza a terror-free zone. The people of Gaza have many resources in their hands to achieve success. Gaza could use its beautiful Mediterranean coast to attract Israeli and Egyptian tourists. It can renew the flower and fruit exports to Europe that Israel left behind. The airport that was built there can be reopened. The seaport that is planned and even the natural gas fields in its waters could be built.
The people of this region need to make the decision that Gaza will become a model of peace and stability and hopefully, the beginning of the two-state solution: Israel and Palestine living side by side in peace.

Hamas uses people as shields
Updated: 01/06/2009 06:53:52 AM EST
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has heated up again. A cease-fire agreement has collapsed and Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization, immediately renewed its rocket attacks from Gaza into Israeli civilian areas.
Hamas does not attack military targets. They openly declare their intent to kill civilians, including women and children.
These rocket attacks have gone on for years and have steadily increased in intensity. The range of these weapons has increased as well, bringing more civilian areas in Israel under attack, with an increase in danger to civilians.
There is no warning for these attacks, no air-raid sirens, just the sudden explosion of a rocket missile in your neighborhood with the possibility of death and destruction.
During the several years that these rocket attacks have continued, never has anyone raised a voice condemning these attacks, which are knowingly directed against civilians.
Hamas deliberately sets its rocket launchers and mortars in densely populated areas using their own people as human shields against retaliation.
Now that Israel is striking back, the Israelis are being condemned for causing civilian casualties. Where were these voices during the years that Hamas was deliberately and admittedly killing Israeli civilians? Where were these voices when Hamas implemented its policy of using its own people as human shields against retaliation?
Two facts become obvious:
Israel values the lives of its citizens and is now doing and will continue doing what is necessary to protect its citizens.
Hamas views its own people as expendable pawns and willingly and knowingly places them in danger in order to gain a propaganda victory against Israel.

Hamas at fault, not Israelis
Sir:It amazes me that every time Israel makes a move to protect its citizens and sovereignty, bleeding hearts at the CBC continue to pester Israel over its alleged unbalanced response.
Even when the ceasefire was signed, Hamas militants fire rockets haphazardly into Israel.
Hit a military compound, that's nice. Hit a school or hospital, equally nice.
This is terrorism on a daily basis.
To feel sorry for the Palestinian people is a stretch considering they voted for Hamas, knowing the blow-back they would receive not only from their immediate neighbours but from most western powers as well.
As a matter of fact, Palestinians should be thankful that Israel still considers its targets as carefully as it does and not use the laissez faire targeting of Hamas.
The reason why there are civilian casualties at all is again due to the cowardice of the militants using civilians as human shields.
I would certainly hope that those at the liberal CBC that think Israel should open its borders to incoming Palestinian workers when such a threat exists for suicide bombers never end up with the job of minister for public safety in this country.
Hard hats and bomb shelters for all!

The Volokh Conspiracy - Human Shields in Gaza:
But it takes a special kind of depravity to use your own civilians as human ... If the Hamas civilians *know* they are acting as human shields for the ...

Children of Hamas
Hamas has been firing these rockets from within densely populated areas using the Palestinian people as human shields. Mosques, hospitals, kindergartens

Peres: Europe must 'open eyes' on Gaza
United Press International
Peres blamed Hamas for the deaths of innocent civilians in the siege, saying the militants use them as human shields...

Hamas exploits public opinion
Newstimes Updated: 01/06/2009 07:23:35 PM EST
It is time to support Israel in her time of need. After living in a war zone with relentless rockets firing on innocent citizens even in a "cease-fire" agreement with Hamas, Israel has no choice but to destroy the terrorists who have one goal and that is to destroy Israel.
If the press would comment on Hamas' tactics of using women and children as human shields, of firing rockets from residential neighborhoods, of dressing Hamas officials in medical uniforms in hospitals, the tragic deaths of innocent Palestinians may be understood.
Israel has no choice but to destroy the point of rocket fire. If it comes from a mosque, a hospital, a home, a school, it is designed that way by the terrorists to hurt Israel.
They have no regard for their citizens and use them as propaganda tools to affect world opinion.
It would be helpful if the press would mention the tactics at the same time as they mention the tragic deaths of innocent bystanders. It is all calculated by Hamas and unfortunately not everyone is aware of their depth of cruelty.
Our tradition teaches us, "He who saves a single life, it is as if he saved an entire world." Israel reveres life and the terrorists revere death. It is unfortunate and tragic.
When the terrorists will show the same passion for peace as they do for death and hatred, there will be peace.

We have counseled our ally Israel to be very cautious about protecting innocents, and I do think that the Israelis take great care to do so. I saw the reports about the school. I don't have any information about that. I think that we should not jump to conclusions, and we should wait to find out what the evidence says. What we do know is that Hamas often hides amongst innocents, and uses innocent people, including children, as human shields.

Evidence of Hamas Use of Human Shields


Statement by Ambassador Alejandro Wolff, U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative, on the situation in Gaza, at the Security Council Stakeout, January 3, 2009
... The problems that the civilians are facing in Gaza are a function of how Hamas operates in a very densely populated area, with Hamas deliberately -- deliberately -- melding into the population.
The consequences, if they were serious about civilian populations, they wouldn't pursue the actions they're pursuing.

United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Chief John Holmes blasted Hamas Tuesday for its "cynical" use of civilian facilities during recent hostilities in the Gaza Strip.
"The reckless and cynical use of civilian installations by Hamas and indiscriminate firing of rockets against civilian populations are clear violations of international humanitarian law," Holmes told the UN Security Council. (Jan. 28, 2009)

Hamas Now Doing Everything Humanly Possible To Generate Gaza Civilian Casualties


Hamas Forcing Civilians To Stand On Roofs They Know Are About To Be Hit


Hamas command bunker placed under largest Gaza hospital (JANUARY 11, 2009 10:13AM)

Hamas uses human shields
Sioux Falls Argus Leader, SD - Jan 8, 2009
... and fires rockets from civilian residences, schools and mosques, then displays the dead and wounded bodies of their human shields for propaganda purposes.

UN envoy: Hamas uses Gazans as human shields
In letter of complaint to Ban Ki-Moon, Security Council Gabriela Shalev says Islamist group operating out of mosques, schools and private homes; adds Hamas war room discovered under largest hospital in Strip
Yitzhak Benhorin Published: 01.14.09, 03:36 / Israel News
WASHINGTON - Israel's UN Ambassador Gabriela Shalev filed a complaint Tuesday night with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council over the cynical use of Palestinian civilians by Hamas.

Human Shields in Gaza
EuropeNews, Denmark - Jan 13, 2009 Here is Hamas "Member of Parliament" Fathi Hammad, bragging about the Hamas use of human shields.
Translation by MEMRI. Click on the arrow to play the video ...

Healing Battle Wounds With Band-Aids
The Moscow Times, Russia - Jan 13, 2009
...Israel's claim is more credible. As a standard battle tool, Hamas militants use their own women and children as human shields. Regarding Gunness' statement, how could he be "99.9 percent positive" only two hours after the incident that nobody had fired at the Israelis from the school? Did he question the nearby crowd of Palestinians? I am sure that if he had questioned the Germans in 1941 about the presence of concentration camps in Dachau or Buchenwald, they would have also denied their existence.
Imagine this scenario: Terrorists seize Beslan School No. 1 and just as Russia's special forces begin storming the building, human rights activists cry out, "Stop! There are children inside that building!" Meanwhile, the terrorists give a teary-eyed interview to CNN reporters about how medical supplies for the children have run out, which is causing a humanitarian catastrophe in the school.
What is the difference between Beslan and Hamas? In Beslan, the terrorists took other people's children hostage, whereas Hamas is holding its own children hostage.
Hamas is a unique organization in the sense that terrorism is its only national product. Even the most inept states perform certain basic functions for their citizens and attempt to protect their lives. But Hamas operates by a different principle: The worse off its citizens are, the better it is for the ruling elite.
In Gaza, Palestinians do not hold normal jobs. The only work available is to fire Kassam missiles at Jews or serve Hamas by delivering weapons and narcotics through illegal tunnels.
Hamas fires missiles at Israeli civilians, whom the regime labels as "aggressors" and "occupiers." If the Israeli government does not retaliate, the regime steps up its attacks. If the Jewish state does fight back, this is even better for Hamas. They label every casualty in the ensuing battle an innocent bystander or a glorious martyr to the cause. Such regimes get real satisfaction out of seeing their own people killed.

(International Herald Tribune, France - Jan 13, 2009) Fighter pilot sorry about dead civilians in Gaza and had aborted missions to avoid them.
He said he has seen Hamas use civilians as its human shields, and he has held his fire in such cases. Capt. Orr, 25, felt that aborting some of his targets for fear of harming civilians were among his proudest achievements.
"The ones I remember are when I have locked in on a target and I fire and then at the last second I see a child in my cross hairs and I divert the missile," he said. "That leaves a mark."
Hamas fighters have worn civilian clothing while fighting Israeli troops, using schools, mosques and crowded residential areas for cover, making it hard to keep ordinary residents out of harm's way...
"We're aware that in this war, besides a lot of enemies that are being harmed, there are also a few uninvolved civilians in Gaza that are being harmed," he said. "We're very sorry for it, not only me as the soldier in the aircraft, but also all the people in the country.".. "I'd rather we didn't have to do it. I'd prefer that there was no war," he said. "We've had enough wars."

The Jews Face a Double Standard
Wall Street Journal - Jan 7, 2009
If Hamas can dig tunnels, it can certainly build shelters. Instead, it prefers to use women and children as human shields while its leaders rush into hiding...

Hamas' war crimes
In Gaza, it targets Israeli citizens with rockets, then shields its fighters behind Palestinian civilians.
By Alan M. Dershowitz January 10, 2009
A temporary cease-fire in Gaza that simply allows Hamas to obtain more lethal weapons will assure a repetition of Hamas' win-win tactic of firing rockets at Israeli civilians while using Palestinian civilians as human shields.
The best example of Hamas' double war crime tactic was Tuesday, when it succeeded in sending a rocket to a town less than 20 miles south of Tel Aviv and injuring a child. At the same time, it provoked Israel to attack a United Nations school from which Hamas was launching its rockets. Residents of the neighborhood said two Hamas fighters were in the area at the time, and the Israeli military said they had been killed, according to the New York Times. The Hamas tactic of firing rockets from schools, hospitals and mosques dates back to 2005, when Israel ended its occupation of Gaza. Several months ago, the head of the Israeli air force showed me a videotape (now available on YouTube) of a Hamas terrorist deliberately moving his rocket launcher to the front of a U.N. school, firing a rocket and then running away, no doubt hoping that Israel would then respond by attacking the rocket launcher and thus killing Palestinian children in the school.
This is the Hamas dual strategy: to kill and injure as many Israeli civilians as possible by firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilian targets, and to provoke Israel to kill as many Palestinian civilians as possible to garner world sympathy...
The best proof of Hamas' media strategy of manipulating sympathy is the way it dealt with a rocket it fired the day before Israel's airstrikes began. The rocket fell short of its target in Israel and landed in Gaza, killing two young Palestinian girls. Hamas, which exercises total control of Gaza, censored any video coverage of those deaths.

New York Daily News EDITORIAL: Hamas' Palestinian victims
Washington Times, DC - Jan 7, 2009
Palestinian civilian casualties in Gaza need to be understood in the context of Hamas' ideology, which celebrates the use of noncombatants to shield its fighters from Israeli retaliation. In February, a Hamas representative in the Palestinian Authority Legislative Council expressed pride in the fact that women and children are used as human shields in fighting Israel. He explained that the Palestinians "desire death" with the same intensity that Israelis "desire life," according to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch.
Last week Hamas Television announced that most of the Palestinians dying were members of its armed forces. The Israeli YNet news service quoted Palestinian civilians saying that Hamas members prevent them from fleeing their homes and hide out in UNRWA ambulances, mosques and civilian homes and stairwells.
Increasingly, Gaza Palestinians are denouncing Hamas' efforts to use them as human shields. Case in point: A Palestinian girl whose family members were killed in a Dec. 28 Israeli air attack in Gaza was interviewed the following day on Palestinian Authority Television, operated by Hamas' Palestinian rival Fatah. Who did she blame for the tragedy that befell her family? "I say Hamas is the cause, in the first place, of all wars," she said.

Why Israel Must Finish The Fight In Gaza Crosswalk.com, VA - Jan, 13, 2009
...But the blood of the innocents is on the hands of the terrorists who hide behind human shields and store rockets in Mosques. Israel cannot simply walk away ...

Hamas used UN school as a military base Author
Ami Isseroff
Date Created
19 Jan 2009
Those outside of Israel are probably seeing a somewhat different war than we are. In particular, today's tragic incident in which IDF shelled a school and killed about 28 civilians, will probably be recorded as an unprovoked "massacre" that caused the end of the Gaza operation.

Freakin Hamas�Human Shields in Gaza | White Rabbit Cult 18 Jan 2009
Here is Hamas �Member of Parliament� Fathi Hammad, bragging about the Hamas use of human shields. Human Shields in Gaza.
Fathi Hammad: �[The enemies of Allah] do not know that the Palestinian people has developed its [methods] of death ...

Palestinians using ambulances for military transport - Israel Insider - 5 Jan 2009 ... why Palestinians invite Israeli attacks on medical vehicles. israelinsider.ning.com/video/palestinians-using-ambulances

Reuters - Palestinians Terrorists use UN Ambulance

Why Ambulances Sometimes Get Targeted By The IAF.
Video shows palestinian gunmen using ambulances as troop carriers.

Hamas TV calls Gaza Children to form a human shield [video] liveleak.com � News flash on Hamas TV - following a threatened air strike, Hamas calls all Gaza CHILDREN to gather near the house of Abu Hatai to form a human shield. (Jan 2009)
Video - http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=351_1231430391 Hamas calls upon all Gaza children to gather near a house to form a human shield

Exclusive: Gaza�s Quandary Family Security Matters - Jan 19, 2009 In May, 2004, armed Palestinians were filmed using UNRWA ambulances to transport terrorists and possibly the remains of fallen Israeli soldiers in Gaza.

Gaza victims describe human shield use
Jan 29, 2009 22:48 | Updated Jan 31, 2009 1:52 Members of a Gaza family whose farm was turned into a "fortress" by Hamas fighters have reported that they were helpless to stop Hamas from using them as human shields.
They told the official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper that for years Hamas had used their property and homes as military installations from which the group would launch rockets into Israel, dig tunnels and store arms. According to the victims, those who tried to object were shot in the legs by Hamas operatives.
Palestinian Media Watch quoted the official Palestinian Authority daily, Al-Hayat al-Jadida as reporting on January 27, "The Abd Rabbo family kept quiet while Hamas fighters turned their farm in the Gaza strip into a fortress. Right now they are waiting for the aid promised by the [Hamas] movement after Israel bombed the farm and turned it into ruins."
According to the report, the hill on which the Abd Rabbo family lives overlooks Sderot, making it an ideal military position for Hamas fighters.

Hamas's Human Shields - For The Record -8 Jan 2009 by IPT News
Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniya and many other Hamas leaders (such as Nizar Rayyan, killed in Operation Cast Lead) have openly boasted about their use of their human shield tactics."
war crimes... "In particular, Hamas must be called to cease its deliberate attacks against wholly civilian objects in attempts to maximize damage to civilians and civilian property, and avoid using civilians and civilian population centers as 'human shields'.

U.N. to check on Hamas human shields 6 Feb 2009
JERUSALEM, Feb. 6 (UPI) -- The United Nations plans to look into reports that Hamas used children as human shields in last month's Israel clash in Gaza...

Hamas+Human Shields=Collateral damage
Every innocent life matters and IDF is doing their best to avoid civilians. Hamas doesn't make this job easy. Hamas terrorists are cowards, otherwise they wouldn't use women and children and the elderly as human shields.

Hamas Uses Children, UN, Press As Human Shields In Gaza

Gaza Needs A Regime Change by Gary Bauer
The Islamists, who have stated clearly and repeatedly that they value death as much as the West values life, have no qualms about killing their own people for the sake of propaganda. That is why they send women, children and even persons with disabilities out to do their bidding as homicide bombers.
It is fair to say that the Israeli military values the lives of Palestinians more than Hamas does, a fact that is evident by Israel�s routinely warning Palestinians before striking civilian areas where terrorists are hiding or stashing weapons.
Regime change is a prerequisite to peace in Gaza. While the Hamas leadership was democratically elected, not all democratically-elected leaders (see: Hitler, Adolf) are legitimate. Hamas�s mission is to wipe Israel off the map, and it has done nothing to show it is willing to deviate from that goal.

Video of Palestinian jihadists using children as ...6 Jan 2009 ...
In YouTube, some posters have commented that the armed Palestine was actually dragging the kid to safety: "it looked like the armed guy was pulling the child OUT of danger, not holding him as a human shield. You can see other children ...

'Maximum 600 Palestinians died in Gaza' Jerusalem Post, (Jan 22, 2009) Israel Cremonesi interviewed Gazans who echoed Israel's insistence of how Hamas gunmen used civilians as human shields. One Gazan recalled civilians in Gaza ...
'Video: Palestinians in Gaza Reopen Smuggling Tunnels' - http://www.youtube.com/v/w1_CJXAzows

A broad overview of Hamas's use of human shields...

Video Liveleak: http://www.liveleak.com/e/45c_1231682078

Video Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/xflKnHKgHQ4

Link : http://www.mererhetoric.com/archives/11275394.html


The "conflict" is nothing but Arab racism & Islamic bigotry against Israel

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