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Source: Jerusalem Newswire
URL Source: http://www.jnewswire.com/news_archive/04/05/040519_rafiah.asp

10 killed as terrorists use human shields Jerusalem Newswire May 19, 2004

Jerusalem (jnewswire.com) - At least 10 "Palestinians" were killed Wednesday afternoon when a group of armed terrorists used a hundreds-strong mob of civilians as cover to advance on IDF troops conducting operations in the southern Gaza border town of Rafiah.

Aerial video surveillance of the area shows an Israeli Apache gunship fired a warning missile into an empty field in order to deter the procession, according to an official statement released by the IDF.

When the mob continued to move on Israeli soldiers, field commanders, fearing a major assault on their troops that would have turned into a bloody pitched battle, directed machine gun fire and four tank shells at an abandoned building near the "Palestinians."

At that point several people were killed and many more wounded, but the IDF Spokesman said after reviewing the surveillance tapes it seemed highly unlikely the casualties were caused by Israeli fire.

The army did note the path taken by the mob was an area "rigged with explosive charges planted by the Palestinians."

Taking the humanitarian initiative, Israel immediately following the incident "approached the Palestinians and offered medical assistance, including the evacuation of the casualties to Israeli hospitals," the army said.

The Fourth Geneva Convention forbids armed combatants to use unarmed civilians as cover in a combat situation. Responsibility for any civilian deaths in such a situation lies solely with the offending party.

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