"Palestinians" = LIES

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ABC Middle East Brief facts pre current conflict

"palestinians", History

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

Arabs in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

Jerusalem, FACTS

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

Multimedia/ Videos

Occupied Territories?

The Myth of "Occupied" Territories

Some History: Occupation Myths

"Occupied Territories or Disputed Territories?"

It's Not About Occupied Territories

What "occupation"?

The Israeli (so called) "Occupation" began in 1964 right?

The Media's "occupation" MYTH

Is "Occupation" an Excuse for Terrorism?

BTW Any American--other than Geronimo's descendants--who accuses Israel of "occupying" Palestinian territory needs to hand over the land his/her house sits on to the people who originally owned it. Such hypocrisy.

Speaking of OCCUPATION...

How about a country that does not confront terror threats (like Israel does): Syria
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