"Palestinians" = LIES

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ABC Middle East Brief facts prior current conflict

"palestinians", History

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

Jerusalem, FACTS

'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

Biblical/Historical Facts about the Land

Multimedia/ Videos

The “al-Aqsa Intifada” – An Engineered Tragedy [How many of the 'Palestinians' were/are really unarmed]

Some examples:

Lying, 'palestinian' Style

Palestinians Distributing Acting (via actors) Torture To Kids to Incite & Hate

The man who sees through the Palestinians lies.

Racists cry racism at U.N. conference

"For 'palestinian' cronies, the world is indeed a stage where outright lying and gross exaggeration are all considered legitimate tools of the trade."

"He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world's believing him" -Thomas Jefferson. The Tragedy of Exaggeration

Lies, pathologic lies and the Palestinians

Suicidal lies

When Pictures LIE!
The problem is -- though -- that the picture even falsely, is stronger than true words and facts. The damage was done and what a damage!!!

Jenin LIE

Palestinian producer: False film funded by PA Documentary claims Israeli army committed war crimes

Qana LIE

Qibya in 1953

Deir Yassin, MYTH

Sabra shatila LIE



What caused Rachel Corrrie's death?  Flash

GOTCHA! How Reuters transformed an accidental death into homicide

The Corrie "tributes" Start

Who killed Rachel Corrie?


WHO KILLED Mohammed al Dura?

Palestinian Youth Sacrificed As Political Camera Fodder

Arab "palestinians" staged the 12 year old Muhammad Al Dura "martyrdom", it was all a vicious theater


Gaza beach 2006

Report: IDF didn't shell Gaza beach The IDF probe investigating the deaths of seven Palestinian civilians, caused by an explosion on a beach in Gaza on Friday evening, concluded that chances were ...

The Gaza Beach deaths video

Gamla Probe: Hamas bomb, not IDF shell, caused Gaza deaths


Accusing Israel of so called: "Cleansing" and "Occupation" ???

the Lie of the Land   Includes the vicious libel of (tear- < this hyphen makes a big difference...) "gas".

The 13-Story Buildings Were Not Occupied!

The Big Lie: Divest from Israel

PALESTINEAN LIES - Lies Told By The Palestinians


THE Palestinian big lie against Israel keeps shifting as the truth emerges, The Palestinians violated Geneva Convention -- Israel honored it -- The War Crimes Lie

Lies and Disinformation as a Palestinian Weapon

"Palestinian" Propaganda

Media Bias..

Another 'Palestinian' MYTH, 'right of return'

Lies an Arab Think-Tank Espouses (Avi Davis) October, 2002

A picture is worth a thousand words! So is the Lack of the Right Picture 10/22/03

'Palestinian' COSMETIC "casualties", Media & UN's Obligation to Doubt 'Palestinian' "Casualties", before damage is done

Vicious Exaggerations

A LIE called "desperation", made exclusively in premeditated Genocide-Bombings' "palestine"

Staged Desperation

Punish 'palestinian' Liars!


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