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Qana The Hizballa cruel trick of hidden human shields

On April 18, Hizballah fired mortar rounds at an Israeli military unit from a position very near the U.N. compound at Qana, and the IDF responded with artillery fire. A number of Israeli shells struck the compound, killing 102 civilians who had sought shelter there and wounding others. The Government expressed regret for these casualties, but insisted that the U.N. compound had not been shelled intentionally. A U.N. report concluded, however, that it was unlikely that the shelling was due to technical or procedural error.

Mann, JTA, May 10, 1996

Hezbollah guerrillas fired two Katyusha rockets and eight mortars at Israel from an area 300 yards away from the Fijian compound 15 minutes before Israeli gunners opened fire, U.N. spokeswoman Sylvana Foa said, quoting the commander of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. The Associated Press, Apr 18, 1996

The U.N. report acknowledges that Hezbollah took cover at the bases of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). - Cynthia Mann, JTA, May 10, 1996

"Hezbollah used those civilians as cover in a very cynical and despicable way" - Nicholas Burns, U.S. State Department spokesman, quoted by Cynthia Mann, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 10, 1996

When Israeli soldiers targeted the launch points of those Katyusha rockets, mistakes were made and the UNIFIL base was unfortunately hit. The people inside lost, but because of the tremendous world outcry blaming Israel, Hezbollah won. This, one assumes, was the plan. Shame on the world for rewarding such tactics. - The Society for Rational Peace.


Arab Muslim Propagandists have spread around the globe a photo of a Hezbollah deliberate trapped Arab kid to fire behind it, when killed they played/play it as a symbol to defame Israel.
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