"Palestinians" = LIES

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Staged desperation

The next time you hear about their desperation, think about this image of an Arab woman crying on demand for the gathered paparazzi. We and all our neighbors are being manipulated by photo editors, journalists and reporters in the field.

An article by A. Roth, Jerusalem, father of Malka Chana Roth. His daughter was killed at the age of fifteen in a senseless act of terrorist barbarism in the Sbarro Restaurant in Jerusalem on August 9, 2001

[Even the boy at the right hand side can't hold himself back from laughing at 'actor-mom']

Suicide is a weapon that's used more and more in these difficult times by murderous Moslem terrorists in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in the United States, in Indonesia. But it's only in the context of Israel's struggle against Palestinian Arab terror that we hear the press call this the result of their desperation. Everything I have learned about Palestinian Arab terrorists since my daughter Malki was murdered tells me that desperation is the last word you should apply to them. These people are jubilant, triumphal, ecstatic at the moment of performing their satanic act of mass murder.

A small suggestion: if you want to do something concrete and constructive about this, please visit http://www.kerenmalki.org/Doing_Something_Positive.htm

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