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ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

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'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

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"Palestinian" Rocks - Infant stoning victim dies of wounds

"Palestinian" FAKE Photos & Videos INDUSTRY

The �al-Aqsa Intifada� � An Engineered Tragedy [How many of the 'Palestinians' were/are really unarmed]

Arab Palestinian crimes: DAMOUR, that has brought the incident of Arab Syrian/Lebanese at Sabra/Shatilla, upon Arab Palestinians.

Details of what Arafat did there. The article first talks about Gen. Augusto Pinochet then goes into detail what Arafat did in Damour Lebanon.

What happened in Sabra and Chatilla. He was Elie Hobeika's bodyguard in the 82 war.
How Hobeika was a Syrian agent.

Sharon had nothing to do with the killings at Sabra and Shatilla. The person who ordered the killings, was Elie Hobeika, not Ariel Sharon.

General Sharon is completely innocent.

Right after Sabra and Chatilla, Hobeika switched sides to the Syrians. It was then learned by Hobeika's bodyguard, Roger Hatem, Elie Hobeika was a Syrian agent in the 82 War. Roger Hatem wrote a book called, from Israel to Damascus. You can read the book on his website. http://www.israeltodamascus.com/ Hatem documents, how Hobeika ordered the killings at Sabra and Chatilla to make Israel look bad, so Syria could control Lebanon. The only reason why the Christians went along with Hobeika's orders, was to avenge the thousands of Christians, who were killed by the PLO in Damour Lebanon and because the Lebanese Christian President Gamayel was just killed by the PLO.

2nd, in 1985, the Syrian backed Amals Shiites, attacked the same Sabra camp and killed 650 Arabs. Ofcourse when Arabs kill each other, no one cares.
What Hatem documents in his book. Sharon told Hobeika, only to go after the armed PLO gunman in Sabra. Sharon made very clear to Hobeika, not to target any civilians. Hobeika agreed to the orders. Then Hobeika gave his own orders to his men. Kill anyone they see in Sabra. Hobeika did this, to make Israel look bad, so Syria could control Lebanon.

If the Arabs are so concerned about the people killed in Sabra and Chatilla, why did Syria and Lebanon protect the person who ordered the killings. (Elie Hobeika). Why didn't Syria or Lebanon prosecute Hobeika. Maybe they were worred he might tell the truth. Which is, Hobeika under orders from Assad was responsible. Hobeika and his people are responsible for the people who were killed. Ariel Sharon had nothing to do with what happened. What you had in Sabra and Chatilla was Arabs killing Arabs. Sound familiar.

Examples of how Arab Dictatorships and Muslim Countries react to violence:

When the PLO tried this tactic of riots and violence against King Hussein in 1970. Unlike Israel, Hussein used full force against the PLO Terror. In one week, 20,000 Arabs killed each other.

1 million Muslims kill each other in the Iran Iraq War.

1 and half million Black Christians massacred in Sudan, by the Arabs in
North Sudan.
In Indonesia, 300,000 East Timories murdered by Indonesia.
Assad Butchers 22,000 of his own people in Hama Syria in 1982.
Thousands of tourists massacred in Egypt since 1992.
125,000 Afghanistans kill each other since 1989
100,000 Algerians have butchered each other since 1992.
150,000 Lebanese kill each other in there 15 year civil war.

Saddam gasses and kills 200,000 Kurds.Click on this link, to learn what happened to the Kurds Chemical massacre, kurdistan, barzani, iraq, halabja, halabjah, content="Iraqi Chemical Weapons, Iraqi Blister, Mustard, Dust.
Pakistan kills 1 million Bangladeshi muslims in 1971.

The PLO kills thousands of Christian Lebanese in Damour Lebanon in 1976.

Syria, Assad in 1980, Jails 600 opposition forces. 6 months later, he tells them, they could all leave there Jail cells. As they leave the Jails, Assad has his military massacre all 600 people.
During the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq, Iran sent children (holding tickets to Muslim Paradise) running across minefields to clear the way for the Iranian soldiers.

The Arab nations and Arafat in particular cynically use their own civilians as human shields by putting children, women and unarmed men in harms' way. They deliberately enlisted them to become involuntary extensions of their planned violence, especially when the televised war' shows children and women as victims and martyrs.

Within the 52-year conflict between the Arab nations and Israel, documented history indicates that civilians were consistently used by the Arabs in various ways to advance the war goals of the Arab nations. The use of civilian Human Shields was fairly common during the six wars initiated by the Arab nations against Israel. Israel reacts, only after it has been attacked by Arab and Iranian killers. Why is it that the PLO or other terrorist groups, who hide and fire from civilian areas are never blamed? Did we forget to mention, an Egyptian pilot crashes a plane and kills 216 people in 1999.

The Myth of the �War Criminal�

The Real Criminals

Sabra & Shatilla:
Sabra Shatila

That came after:
The Massacre by Palestinians.
This is what the PLO did in a Christian village in Lebanon
Photo Page
Damour before Shatilla, the TRUTH on Sabra Shatilla


Sharon Is Innocent!

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Arabian Apartheid,
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