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Let 'Palestinians' Pay for it's Criminal Lying History!

They're getting away with it, again & again.

The lessons NOT Learned from the notorious 'Jenin-Lies' . Anatomy of Anti-Israel Incitement: Jenin, World Opinion and the Massacre That Wasn't

After Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' vicious lies at the Jenin 'story' how (especially that 'Palestinian' Arab champion in inventing things:) Saeb Erakat 'claimed' there were 500 dead at Jenin (Terror groups neighborhoods using civilian human shields). That later on went down amazingly thru the UN Inspectors to... 50, mostly armed "civilian" MACHINE-GUNMEN.
:: Jenin False Propaganda
Also their notorious adding bodies --there-- from cemeteries...

After such an embarrassment, Saeb Erakat did NOT apologize, nor did Hanan Ashrawi with it's favorite word: "crimes" slogans smear campaigns, nor did any "moderate/responsible'' Arab 'Palestinian.'

What keeps them from doing it again & again?
On the contrary, this devious deceitful group has learned quite well the harshness & damage of 'claming,' even when being caught as bogus, the equivalent of a yellow paper that has a little note, printed with tiny letters on the next day at a back page, apologizing for what was printed on front page with bald capital letters a day earlier.

It is time they pay for their routinely cruel lying machine, it is time they are castigated, as a punishment & as a deterrent.

Israel the good guy, should start an offensive campaign not only in the media, but in the (Arab Muslim controlled) UN as well, Is there some "resolution" on those intentional lies.
This would have to be done right at their next invention, before they grab the new/next "story" already

[On Oct/03 a Jenin-ides was already underway in the UN Re: Rafah Dangerous Weapons Tunnels & Israeli operation that revealed already 3 of them, nevertheless the BLUFFERS Group, that was never punished did not learn a lesson.]

How about, for a start, (an idea) such as: next time they come up with a 'story' we bring up all those Libel-'stories' that they've not apologized for yet?


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