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A picture is worth a thousand words!
So is the Lack of the Right Picture
October 22, 2003
That is true especially in the Middle East where Arab "Palestinians" flood the media with FALSE Photos, the real photos of the true events are absent so often, now here is the real picture, taken from the satellite:
After 2 days being bombarded by images, Where's the fairness in the media to clarify the "images" that show "civilians" hurt in the latest IDF pinpoint Anti Terror operations?
Imagine if IDF's video would not be accurate, any other satellite could have disputed it (time & place noted).

As to the "wounded Palestinians" Shall we remind the so many cases where IDF caught the "Palestinians" walking-healthy out of the hospitals right after the cameras were gone?
Or the "Jenin" adding bodies from the cemetery...
(Worse is the example case of Muhammad Al Dura kid that was [as proven] killed by "fellow" Arabs & they [to] defame Israel on it).
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