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"Palestinian" Rocks - Infant stoning victim dies of wounds

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The �al-Aqsa Intifada� � An Engineered Tragedy [How many of the 'Palestinians' were/are really unarmed]

Since the beginning of the renewed violence in 2000, 29 suicide attacks were carried out by youth under the age of 18.
Since May 2001, 22 shootings attacks and attacks using explosive devices were carried out by youth under the age of 18.
Since the beginning of 2001, more than 40 youth under the age of 18 were involved in attempted suicide bombings that were thwarted (of them, three during 2004).

FALSE "heroes"

Still in the Arab widespread media they're portrayed as "heroes" and as "wise" tactics.

Well, Early Japanese Kamikazes, did not blow themselves up on innocent civilians, that WAS a clearly Military tool Vs Arab 'palestinian' Cowardice 'pure' Mass Murdering at Crowded Civilian Packed Men Women & Bbaies!

HEINOUS CRIMINAL without the "glory".

VICIOUS LOWNESS & BLOODY without any "wisdom"

Kids: the main force of the Palestinian Front - Israel's War Against Terror - The Education for Terror

The Goliath!

'Palestinians' found a weapon at last that the Israelis cannot counter

People by the hundred shot or blown up: then, eventually, peace. In just the same way, The Israelis use their heavy-duty kit to blast the remnants of PLO authority. The Palestinians wrap teenage girls in Semtex and send them, smiling sweetly, to devastate supermarkets and cafes.

You can't help but have only feeling of revulsion at so many young lives lost in a "cause", and over so many Israeli civilian lives, innocent lives, brutally shattered. This isn't how it should be... Kids enfolded in explosive, human bombs, don't feature in any of Jane's catalogues. We shudder and shrink from the reality.

Suicide is their chosen tool, their howitzer of ultimate resort, clinically chosen. We may think of suicide as an act of emotion - but, as Primo Levi once said, that overlooks its careful sentience. "Animals don't commit suicide." And we need to be clear: it's a "winner". It has humiliated one of the world's toughest conventional armies. They move in, flattening all before them and, far away, another burger bar or shopping center is blasted to smithereens. There are some wars conventional soldiers can't win.

It's a bloody "winner" for the Arab Lowness and their organized and leadership's immorality, not for any Israeli weakness in bravery, but for being the moral one, all along.

Palistinians use children for bombs

Here is ANOTHER story about a 14 year old kid who was about to be a suicide bomber, but ran home in tears. Make sure you read to the end of the article...

In the Jabalya camp of the Gaza Strip, the local correspondent for Israel's Channel 2, Seliman a-Shafi, gave Sunday night viewers a rare glimpse into the mind of a would-be suicide killer � a terrified adolescent aged 14 who freely told his story.

"They take our children when they are too young to understand, to decide if they want to die. Why don't they take the louts hanging round the markets? My boy is in shock. He can't stop weeping. He doesn't know whether he did right or wrong. We don't let him out of the house without his father � in case he changes his mind again, or they catch him. We are all in shock."

The boy from Gaza was not by any means the youngest child to be marked out as a "martyr." In Jenin, where the walls were plastered with large posters depicting dozens of dead youths, Israeli soldiers learned to beware of innocent-looking 10- and even 7-year-olds with hidden bombs.

14 Year old boy sent on a Genocide-Suicide Mission...

Palestinian Teen: 'I Didn't Want to Die'

"A Palestinian boy wears an explosive belt..."

Thursday March 25, 2004 at 10:45 AM
Amnesty International issued a report stating that "using children to carry out or assist in armed attacks of any kind is an abomination. We call on the Palestinian leadership to publicly denounce these practices."

'Palestinian' War Crimes:

Exploiting Children

'Palestinians' Hit a New Low

After Israel's Painful Sacrifice in giving them a GIFT of land (2005) in Gaza...

Israeli security personnel revealed that Arab terrorists, including a high ranking PA intelligence officer, threatened to kill a 14-year-old boy if he did not carry out a suicide bombing.

Human Shields

"Palst." -Terrorists Use
Another Ambulance
This time A UN's

Earlier Cases Use
of Ambulances
For Terror

Arabian Apartheid,
Wall and More...

Guilty 'Palstn' Teachers
And Parents, Why Their
Children Die

Their Criminal Use
Of Human Shields
Why their Civilians Die

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