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Re: The repeated unfair showing of the 'Tank VS Kid' photos
Typifying photo?
We are getting sick & tired of some in the media, repeated showing the cliche picture of :"Tanks VS. Arab kids with stones", as if Israeli tanks are aiming at kids.
As if Israel is copying Arabs in targeting civilians?
As if it is kid vs. tank?
As if it is the Chinese Army facing the peaceful students in Tianeman Square? Or is it really for the Israeli army is facing very dangerous grenades, Homicide-Bombers, booby traps (for risking themselves in going door to door (for it's higher morals) ?
...Not to mention the 'gunmen' Arab Adults shooting with machine guns behind their kids = their human shields
In fact:
No matter how one is armed, we are all "David" VS. Goliath Arab Muslim Militant Terror (that prefers) on-the-soft-targets like Women, Children & the elderly.
Israeli Tanks (show of force) are against: Arab-missiles, enormous dangerous homicide bombers' menace on Israel's civilians, rocket grenades into Israeli homes, intruders into children's bedrooms.

Do Pictures Lie?
That picture is certainly not typifying the situation, it typifies Al Jazeera * the Intifada organizers showing the "big" Israel "attacker", when in fact all Israel is trying is to live.
Of course you wouldn't have the photos of the Arab Muslim "palestinian" bombers just "before" detonating themselves on crowded defenseless ordinary non combatant civilians, that is exactly their advantage, the hidden terror that is waiting on every corner, exactly why it is more GOLIATH.
Understand that the reason that you do not have any nail-bombs-tipped with rat poison(Survivors face agony in suicide attacks http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=27778) to cause more & more pain in the people hurt, is the GOLIATH.

(Incidently, When was the last time the media has tried to clarify that the 'guns' in the IDF's hands shoot ONLY RUBBER BULLET (yes, false images again), unless/until felt in real life danger?)
In the middle east, so often, pictures, or rather the LACK of, DO LIE!
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