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04/14/2004: Palestinian Terrorists HIV-Infected Blood Bomb

In an interview with Mr. Singer, editorial-page editor of the JP, he went into gruesome detail of how Palestinian terrorists have devised new ways to kill innocent people. One way he described was injecting the suicide bomber with HIV or hepatitis so that if the nails, laced with poison in the suicide bombers vest didn't kill enough innocent Israelis, infectious disease would.

Well, he wasn't kidding. [ http://www.centralchronicle.com/20040414/1404015.htm  ]
JERUSALEM: Palestinian militants planned to detonate a bomb laced with 'HIV- infected' blood, which could prove fatal to survivors with injuries, during the Passover holiday but was foiled by the authorities.

The plot came to light after Israeli forces arrested a member of the Al-Aqsa martyrs brigade who revealed details of the plan mooted by the Fatah Tanzim infrastructure in Nablus, a media report said today.

He said the suicide bomber was to be wrapped with a bomb 'tainted' with the dangerous virus, Jerusalem Post reported.
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