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How 'Palestinian' propaganda struggles with their terror initiation
How/When they use the words: Terror, Massacre
When does the cradle of it: Arab 'Palestinians' ever use that word?
On their actions?
In your dreams.
Guess what!
On the very Victims of their terror!!!
[You know what? Go even further, How exactly do Arab "Palestinian' Propagandists even call Begin's act against British Military office at King David Hotel as "terrorism". (plus he notified them to evacuate, shows you again, his compassion!).]
Contemporary events, they attach it to operations against mass murderers, using so conveniently full imagination on Israel's military machines, since there is no footage available of 'Palestinian' genocide bombers in the street/bus/cafe/market/wedding-hall etc. before the atrocity act, they have it easy to portray Israel with the 'Tanks on TV', as the aggressor, never mind that Israel does NOT use them against unarmed civilians, but the damage of the illustration of 'Goliath' is already there, from there, the way is open to their now ready & ONLY now use of term "terror".
Let's reiterate the known: only Arab Muslim "Palestinians" aim at the unarmed civilians, you can't argue with the facts.
Name calling won't change a darn thing, same as calling Bush a 'Hitler' does not shock anyone, being quite used to the type of "Palestinian" name calling & silly never matching comparisons-words games.
Does the harsh fact -- of Arab Muslim radicals championship in terror -- drive them to attach 'dramatic' labels on unmatched items?
Then you have their favorite word: "massacres", they even made up a "list" of supposedly called "massacres", that other than instilling hate in the young growing up average gullible Muslim mind, it does not accomplish anything, lately they got tired a bit after the exposure of the lies on Jenin.
When does a fight between two armed parties become a "massacre"?
Only the Arab continuing massacres on the unarmed is exactly that.
Then again, look with a magnifying glass thru all boring new & old "Palestinian" propaganda industry, they have still avoided the real facts like, the-their first massacre in the region:
1929 Hebron, on ordinary non political religious pious Jews.
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