Arab (propaganda) Crime On the Six Million

ARAB CRIME ON 6,000,000

In DESPERATE attempts of dramatizing things they try to compare self defense tactics (whatever one's position is) to some WW2 unique RARE COLD PLANNED genocide, their crimes therefore are not only on Victim Israel, but to the 6,000,000
(in these acts of diminishing attempts), who died NOT FOR BOMBING anyone, but FOR PLAIN being Jews.

Even though that the Islamic Jihad is calling to murder Jews WHEREVER they are on the planet, ONLY for being Yahuud, that is the closest to Nazis, we still have to be very careful in comparing any fight or war to that WW2 unique 'Erasing of a race/religion' plan.

Having said that, all this still does not prevent the vicious Arab Muslim Palestinian propaganda to deny or compare to WW2, Playing around with it as it "suits" them, there have been numerous 'Holocaust-Denial' forums headed by Arab 'leaders', and yes, 'MeinKampf' is still a bestseller in Gaza.

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