"Palestinians" = LIES

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ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

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Israel's "fault"? How exactly?
For not letting her BABIES die, via fences, shields, (or even via 'Targeted Killings' on those mass murderers)?
For it's heroic restraint at the vicious 'Palestinian' use of it's kids as human shields? Let our kids alone, Arafat!
For being careful & issuing warning for the surrounding 'Palestinians' to evacuate when planning an anti terror operation-insertion in the area?
Or for blamed WRONGLY on what Arab leaders have expelled "palestinian"-Arabs with "promises" that they're gonna defeat the Israeli-Jewish-Returnees in 1948? ( Palestinian Fault before: Flooding Israel with Palestinians )?
Unlike the Arab Leaders' clear crime of: Jews Expelled from Arab Lands
Or the fact: The Refugees as a Political Ploy (3) There were NO Arab Refugees Before the Arab States Invaded Israel in 1948?
Or for TAKING the FIRST (in recent years) ARAB ON Jews massacre in 1929? & other massacres: Which Came First, Terrorism or Occupation - Major Arab Terrorist Attacks against Israelis Prior to the 1967 Six-Day War
Or for it has made so many genuine enormous concessions (Whom To Root for in Israel? ) even in the face of actual: Myth of "Occupied" Territories?
Stop Pressing Israel to Make Concessions!.

(The story is always the same. The Palestinians indiscriminately slaughter the innocent, and Israel tries to hunt down specific terrorists who have helped to plan and carry out those murders.)

Israel's Humane Army

This is why I can Say: with certainty that The Israeli army, is one of the Most Sensitive & Humane Armies in the World

The humane approach of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to save civilian lives of the enemy while defending Jewish lives

Is Israel Really Not Much Better?

Balancing IDF Checkpoints and International Law: Teaching the IDF Code of Conduct

Well, Excuse them for breathing?

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