"Palestinians" = LIES

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ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

Jerusalem, FACTS

'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

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Is Israel's Higher moral Ground really not much Higher???
If Israel is really not a whole lot better then them...
Why did they invent specially designed low range missiles, minimum damage controlled, (for the sole purpose to aim at mass murderers terrorists)?
Why did Israel always the (only) one to make gestures 'less restricted checkpoints' , etc., to the Arabs each short time period, on the obvious expense of terrorists Genocide Bombers taking advantage?
Why is only Israel the giver, always, including at the current Gaza Give away, even on the expense of blood thirsty Hamas & other garbage Jihadists' evil smiles and moral-boosting for their crimes, but Arabs don't even begin change their hate & violence school? The minimum.
Why does Israel go from door to door when having anti terror operations, running into booby trapped bombing invisible Goliath menace?
Why doesn't Israel have in it's textbooks, that Arabs are Pigs and Monkeys?
Why don't Israelis go en masse to dance, giving out candies to kids on public squares, celebrating by the thousands, when any Arab dies?
Why don't Israelis pay -- behind the curtains -- some groups, to target kindergartens and hospitals?
Why don't Israelis have on it's official TV, Glorifying mass murderers  ( http://www.pmw.org.il ) that aim at babies?
Why aren't Israelis pushing the UN to transfer Arabs, like the Arabs do to Jews?
Why don't (most) Israelis go around with bloody graphic pictures of it's innocent victims to incite non Arab Muslims against Arab Muslims?
Why is it that most Arab Palestinian dead and injured are combatants, and most Israelis hurt, maimed and dead are non combatants purely innocent ? ( http://www.ict.org.il ).
Why is it that -- while Israel fights for survival -- Israel still manages to have so many groups helping the Arabs, politically, financially, etc.?
Why is it that Israeli court ruled for the lifesaving-fence to be altered on certain areas, so that not to burden on Arabs? The side from the murderers want to enter and kill their kids.
Why is it that in most Israeli courts, Israel prefers to benefit the Arabs living in Israel over the non Arabs?
Why has Israel always tried -- and still does -- to help "Palestinian" Arab refugees, that were actually evacuated by Arab leaders, the same type of cruel leaders that block Israel's attempt top help, in order to play as the 'victims'?
Where else in the Mideast could an Arab woman vote?
Could a Jew be a head of any Arab Muslim State, the same as an Arab in Israel could be head of Israel?

"Palst." -Terrorists Use
Another Ambulance
This time A UN's

Earlier Cases Use
of Ambulances
For Terror

"Arabian Apartheid,
Wall and More...

Guilty 'Palstn' Teachers
And Parents, Why Their
Children Die

Their Criminal Use
Of Human Shields
Why their Civilians Die

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