"Palestinians" = LIES

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ABC Middle East Brief facts pre current conflict

"palestinians", History

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

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Thanks to Israel...
Israel is what has kept the middle east and maybe the world from "THE END".

Thanks to Israel destroying Saddam's reactor in the 80's using surgical airstrikes.

Thanks to Israel using Nuclear deterrence as a tool to keep the soviets in check during the 1960s thru the 1990s.

Thanks to Israel supporting all the Jews in all the world who are deprived of religious freedom (Former Soviet union, Eastern block communist states, etc.)

Thanks to Israel for showing the middle east and other non Arab/communist countries that a country can exist in the middle east as a democratic nation with LAWS and elections.

Thanks to Israel for having the MOSSAD to GUN DOWN killers of Jews throughout the world today and previous (previous nazi murderers Eichman and many others)

Thanks to Israel for being a Jewish State that rose up from the ashes of a nothing to a beautiful paradise in the desert.  Yes, it was NOTHING when it was governed by the Arabs. NOW everyone and the brother wants to make claims to Israel's land.

Haters can all get on their knee's and Kiss Israelis ASS for doing what it has done to keep EVERYONE in this world safe.....JEWS and NON-JEWS alike.

The 'Palestinian' Proxy War
Israel = Pawn by Saddam against West, 1991

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