Answer to the Palestinian-propaganda's 'apartheid' slogan (Israel's real beautiful attacked Democracy Vs. 'palestinian' Arab Real Apartheid & ethnic cleansing)

"Palestinians" = LIES

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Introduction, See: Israel Is Not An Apartheid State

While Israel's real Democratic society is being abused by terrorists that take advantage of the very freedom-for-all system to hit at it's civilians.

The 'Palestinian' Arab system is the real racial Apartheid that would not allow non Arab (Jew) to acquire land in their (disputed, but under their controlled) territories. Would not allow a non Arab to live there, their blatant open official ethnic cleansing is somehow ignored in today's media.

Not to mention their continuos attacks on Jews, simple to ethnic-cleanse the area.

The S. Arabian APARTHEID WALL & More...

Arab Regimes, Not Israel, Guilty Of Racism

The Hypocrisy of the false "apartheid" Shouters, Israel is not 'apartheid' but her accusers definitely are!

It is utterly Facsistic to suggest that Israel is in anyway "racist"


This Anti-Israel propaganda was Posted on APRIL-22-2002

[The reply is on dark background.]

Is it Israeli Democracy or "Jewish Democracy",WHY LIE? Israel is multi national, multi religious: Arabs/Jews/Muslims/Christians/Druze/White/Black/Latino/Chercasean/Bahai etc. you be the judge.Yes, Are you aware that:

Prior to the 1948 war, Palestinian Christians <Don't dare play the game as if pal-Muslims 'care' about them, Pal-Christians, are Palestinian-Muslims' violence victims too! Plus too bad so many of them have been radicalized via Radical Arab Muslim leaders' & Jihadi style. and Muslims were a two-third majority, who owned What a blatant lie, they never owned, before or after  the British mandate, and operated <<<What the heck is that supposed to mean? 93% of Palestine's lands Also note that main Arab immigration to Israel's Holy land was circa 1900?
Prior to the 1948 war, most Israeli Jews were persecuted and dispossessed European Jews who made a one-third minority Don't ever forget the 1929 (& other) massacre from Arab majority on Jewish minority?
For Israel to become a "Jewish majority" it opted to 'nice' try, but we all know who "expelled" the Arabs, either on their own cowardice-free-will,  Expel and dispossess the two-third Palestinian majority?80% of the Palestinian people were dispossessed from their homes, farms, and businesses for the past 54 years?Or via their vicious leaders that told them to leave until they 'clean' cleanse the whole land of ethnic Jews.
95% of Israel's lands (which is mostly owned by Palestinian refugees) <<< Here we go, Is it lack of material to repeat on that "owning" thing? Of the then-no-one's land? if someone has left the British or Turkish 'OWNED'-RULED land for it's cruel leaders' manipulation & the warrior incitement & initiation on the poor Jews, too bad, YOU start a war, YOU lose!
are open for development to Jews only?
Israeli-Palestinian citizens live almost in segregated communities (or ghettos) because They choose so, Don't lie! We all know their open incitement-hate-schooling. development is strictly limited outside their villages? Ironically, the word "ghetto" was invented to describe the living conditions of Eastern European Jews in Tsarist Russia! Yes, as we said, 'palestinian' Arabs segregate themselves out of hate & blame the victim, having both 'black-byrds'' in one malicious shot, Why not? And the hateful use of Jews' real unfair suffering terminology to wrongfully hit on Jews' conscious is well known.
For just being "Jewish" you gain an automatic citizenship in Israel? You gain an automatic victimization & persecution by anti-Semites & by "palestinian" Arab Muslim "freedomfighter" Butchers too... Have you thought for one minute on this Israeli Citizenship as a form of defense, a shield, of course  Not, Plus tens of thousands of dollars in subsidies too. Far better, far kind & at least more humane than the vicious Arab leaders' diverting international funds towards genocide bombers.
Palestinian Muslims...Here was a boring repetition of the latest part in different words.
Pretending to be Jewish in Israel is punishable by law with up to one year imprisonment? Certainly, if you want 'shield' from persecution & presenting as an (like in any western country) 'asylum' seeker, On the other hand, Have you forgotten about the aid YOU mentioned above for asylum seekers? Check your methods of garbage-propaganda  to be matched-at-least, LOL if you pretend to be a Muslim or Christian the law does you no harm!
When the Palestine problem was created by Britain in 1917,... (here was again that third repetition about Arab immigration & "ownership" of the British OWNED  'land'...)That Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Palestinians at that time lived in peace with each other? No! 1929 Hebron Arab led Massacre & Safed Massacre-riots on Jews, Remember!
Palestinians  owned... Boring repetition number 4. 

Close to 4 million Palestinian Muslims and Christians are being subjected to Israeli to Common international laws, like any other minority in all countries around the globe, same "subjection"...   "democratically" elected apartheid, Try that false criminal Arabist accusation again on that multi free-for-all equal Arab/Chrisyian/Druze/MuslimWomen voting rights etc..   or not, that is the question?
In the occupied West Bank there are "Jewish Roads" and "Non-Jewish Roads", No! Israeli (Arab or Jewish) & NON Israeli (Arab or Jewish) Security concerns issues national identify cards where the religion of the card holder is clearly bolded?
 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza drive vehicles with license plates that have different coloring than the cars driven by Israeli settlers? No! Israeli (Arab or Jewish) & NON Israeli (Arab or Jewish) Security concerns.?Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza hold ID cards that are of different colors than the cards held by Israeli settlers?
 Here was an irrelevant  "question" about the internal streams of Judaism
Just prior to the 1948 war, <<< again & again repetition time number 5, addressed above  land, and to increase their share after the war,<<< Initiated by the Arab Losers, that 'regret' it?  How about to secure their existence?  they passed the "Absentees' Law" which dispossessed the Palestinian majority land owners who later became "absent". What is even more tragic was the passage of an oxymoron law, called "Present Absentees' Law," which dispossessed the Palestinian-Israeli citizens who became internal refugees in Israel. It is worth noting that the internal Jewish refugees were not dispossessed as a result of this racist law. Call it left for you own free will & then regret it? well, too bad too late, without getting hooked on that 'racial' obsession use.
The U.S. funneled into the Israeli economy over 130 billion dollars, which is almost twice the amount devoted to rebuilding Western Europe after WW II! Better than EU Billions that are channeled by Arab 'palestinians' into blood-suicide-homicied-cult. BTW You did not mention all the US aid to other countries including Egypt/'palestinians'/Jordan etc.
Israeli democracy is a facade to "Jewish Democracy?"The multinationalism & equal voting 7 employment system was stressed above on this repeated phrase.
Israel has nuclear weapons good, Right & just for responsible countries like US/UK/Israel & others, and it;s safer world like that, for Arab tyrants-racist leaders do not wait for Israel to have it... and it was close to dropping one on Cairo in 1973? Says who?
Israeli soldiers use human shields in battle to minimize their casualties? No! they do not, & it makes no sense, because the Arabs shoot & lynch their own on the streets they would less stop if there is a chance to shoot an Israeli (civilian or soldier) with it. of course Arabs don't stop at human shields, the very fact that terrorists (only that) use human shields thru residential surroundings & via kids 'throwing stones', is why Israel is held back from responding to genocide-bombers & machine-guns into homes, that's the terrorists-mass-murderers' 'best defense.'
Israel killed over 20,000 Lebanese and Muslims (90% of whom are civilians) with American made and paid for weapons? Correction! Arab 'palestinians' together with brutal Syrian occupiers are responsible for around 300,000 (according to Christian Lebanese estimates) victims among Christian Lebanese, and most Lebanese killed were by Arab Christian Lebanese in their war with Islamists, those killed by Israelis were mostly armed.
Ariel Sharon is under indictment in Belgium for war crimes against Palestinian civilians?

When they are about defaming Sharon in Belgium by Arab 'activists' living there which was officially dismissed on June 2002 (see Damour before Shatilla, the TRUTH on Sabra Shatilla), here is about the real criminal Arafat in the Belgium court:
World Committee for Justice and Peace
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Israeli victims charge Arafat with terrorism

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