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The above does not sufficiently detail the facts of Arabs Vs Jews in Israel's Democray.
Your thoughts?
Dear Mrs. S.:
It DOES address the fact that Israel is multi national & multi religious, you could live & practice freely your religion, but Palestinians want a pure Islamic Sharia law society, and Jews are not allowed to live there at all.
If Arabs were not allowed free movement in ANY AREAS of Israel, there would not have been any massacres on Israelis, they ARE & ABUSE it.
Of course Israel welcomes a Jew that request asylum from persecution abroad, that's what it was reestablished for, but many NON Jewish asylum seekers found their home in that tiny congested piece of land, Vietnamese at a time that no none wanted them, were accepted in Israel, is just an example of so many, (so are Christian Arab Lebanese & others).
If you visit Israel you see all colors & cultures in that little cosmopolitan.
The fact that Israeli Arabs & Jews carry different plates & ID is for security not tot 'racism, an Israeli Arab-Muslim has the same plates & ID as Jewish Israelis, the Palestinians SHOULD have a different ID to recognize their cars by checkpoints to be careful in this WAR time.
But Palestinian propagandists use that very security-driven-fact to try unfairly to portray Israel as "non equal."
Also they choose to live in separated neighborhoods Who's fault is that?


  • Today, within Israel, Jews are a majority, but the Arab minority are full citizens with voting rights and representation in the government. Under apartheid black South Africans could not vote and were not citizens of the country in which they are the overwhelming majority of the population.

    The situation of Palestinians in the territories - won by Israel in a defensive war forced upon it by its neighbors - is different. The security requirements of the nation, and a violent insurrection in the territories, have forced Israel to impose restrictions on Arab residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip that are not necessary inside Israel's pre-1967 borders. The Palestinians in the territories, typically, dispute Israel's right to exist whereas blacks did not seek the destruction of South Africa, only the apartheid regime.

    If Israel were to give Palestinians full citizenship, it would mean the territories had been annexed. No Israeli government has been prepared to take that step.

    Meanwhile, Palestinians from the territories are allowed to work in Israel and receive similar pay and benefits to their Jewish counterparts. They are allowed to attend schools and universities. Palestinians have been given opportunities to run many of their own affairs. None of this was true for South African blacks.

    - from Israel Is Not An Apartheid State, JSource

  • Yet Zionism itself, and not only the current policies of the Israeli government, is constantly accused of being equivalent to apartheid simply because it represents a national emancipation movement which differs from others in being Jewish.

Like the United States, Israel is a democracy. Israel's Parliament includes men, women, Jews, and Arabs.

Israel is a parliamentary democracy with legislative, executive and judicial branches. The head of the state is the president, whose duties are mostly ceremonial and formal; the office symbolizes the unity and sovereignty of the state. The Knesset, Israel's legislative authority, is a 120-member unicameral parliament which operates in plenary session and through 14 standing committees. Its members are elected every four years in universal nationwide elections. Arab members.

The Government (cabinet of ministers) is charged with administering internal and foreign affairs. It is headed by a prime minister and is collectively responsible to the Knesset.

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Myths & Facts - Human Rights in Israel and the Territories

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