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Of course Israel is NOT racist!

To claim otherwise IS fascist and to promote such is a myth, nay lie.
Some claim the 'right of return' for Jews round the World to Israel is racist.  
Israel is not the only country with this policy, yet we don't have the accusation of racism applied to them.

E.g.. Since the Break up of the USSR, Russia has welcomed back thousands of ethnic Russians from former republics.  Since the end of WW2, millions literally millions of ethnic Germans have come back to Germany from all over Europe and the Soviet Union.  

Furthermore, in April 1999, Israel airlifted 100 Albanian refugees from Kosovo and let them live in a Kibbutzim.
Many of those who escaped Soviet repression through emigration to Israel were not Jews, but were related to them only.
Israel has Black, White and oriental people living in situ.  Arabs living in Israel have full voting rights and in a recent poll over 80% said they would not join a Palestinian State, as they had a better standard of living and democratic pluralism in Israel... Israel is not perfect, but given it is the only state on Earth that has been at war continuously since 1948 and is threatened with destruction (even the IRA did not seek to destroy Britain) under such appalling stress it has acted admirably.  Those who demand greater moral standing for Jewish and Israeli people are guilty of being racist themselves.

In fact in terms of pure racism, Islamic nations are far far worse.  Look at the PA's openly abusive educational system that dehumanizes Jews.  Look at the recent Saudi law to bar Jews from traveling in the sunny paradise.  Look at the Arab record on Human rights and its attitude to Christian and Jewish minorities.  

Dhimmi - Arab/Islamic apartheid.

As I am aware Jordan has a law of return that excludes Jews.  850,000 Jews lived as second class citizens in Arab countries pre 1948.  It was there home but Arab brutality such as the pogroms organised in Damascus and the virulently anti-Semitic antijewish Nazi supporting Husseini policies were broadly agreed with by the Arab nations whose militant nationalism was directed against minorities.  Now hardly any Jews still remain in the Arab land mass.  

Almost every Friday Iran legitimizes radical mosques preaching overtly racist sermons,
'Death to the Jews, Death to America, Death to the West'

Do the academic left protest?  No, they probably agree!
Just like good 'fascists.'?


Well, in historic terms.  Socialism and Fascism are ideological enemies.  
There it ends and similarities begin.  
We all want social justice, we just don't want ideological socialist or fascist tyranny and oppression and the mess they make.  Islamization is similar to Socialism and Fascism in at least One major respect. It initially gains popularity, promising bread, freedom and rights -- then delivers repression, dictate, totalitarianism from economic stagnation.  They are kept in situ through a system of Jails, torture centers and concentration camps and through the clamp down on civil liberties.
So why is this happening.  Socialists used to be very supportive of Israel.

5 things.

1. The rejections Palestinian movement has managed to gain sympathy with the hard left and some liberals as it displays similar methodology, e.g., revolutionary politics.  Challenging the Status Quo.  Yet Zionist Socialism has been the nearest thing we have had to true socialism -- since the early days of Jewish Christian days post Christ.
2.  The Long War 1914-1990, was won by the Liberal Capitalist Democracies of the West, over the revolutionary movements such as Fascism and Socialism.  The break up of the USSR and fall of the Socialist economic system has driven the Hard left into a vacuum post 1991 collapse of the USSR, and into the hands of militant Islam whom they now see as a 'partner' in revolutionary political movement to challenge the West.
3. Israel as a pluralistic, essentially export driven technologically advanced society, is seen as a 'Little America, or 'little west' in a sea of backwardness (despite their economic wealth the Arabs have not turned this into economic benefits for the masses) and it is PC to support the 'Underdog.'  Yet in regional terms Israel is the Underdog!
4. The 'victim' culture of both sides Israel and Palestinian is acknowledged by the Hard left only towards the palestinian side and there is a belief that Israel has exploited the Holocaust.  This is unfair and lends the accusation that no other people who have suffered for so long a period of time, could act otherwise towards a culture that seeks their destruction.  (As much Islamic culture does seek Israel's eventual destruction today and so called Christian culture pogromised Jews in Europe yesterday.
5. Elements within the Internationalist movement are basically racist themselves, by endlessly condemning Israel out of all proportion to the regional vacuum and chaos/undemocratic standards.

Re: Law of Return

On the "charge" of favoring one group over another, the Global phenomenon vs racism against Israel

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