"Palestinians" = LIES

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Israel is not responsible for the Palestinian refugee problem since it was the result of a war forced on Israel by invading Arab armies. However, Israel has said that on humanitarian grounds it will participate in an international effort to resolve the situation through resettlement and compensation. This international effort should also provide compensation for as many as 800,000 Jews who were expelled from their native Arab nations or forced to flee as a result of state-sponsored anti-Zionist violence. Israel would also consider individual cases of family unification for Palestinians.

(especially when it is only kind Israel's jesture)
The repeated 'charges' by Arabist vicious propaganda as if the Zionist Israel is "racist" ( "racism"??? ) just because of giving preference o persecuted Jews to enter, there are about 20 countries that have the 'Low Of Return,' here is an example of Scandinavian Finland, that no one would dare call them "racists":
The return migration of Ingrians to Finland began in 1990 after Finnish President Mauno Koivisto said that the Ingrians are Finns. Under Finnish law, Finnish expatriates and their children are entitled to settle in Finland as returning migrants even if they hold the citizenship of another country. To qualify for citizenship, a returning migrant must have one parent or two grandparents with Finnish roots.


But to single out victim Israel is in fact the real racism.

It is utterly RACIST to claim/lie on Israel as if it is "racist"

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