The Guardian's obsession in adopting "Palestinianism", big words on empty reality

* "Apartheid" -, the Guardian was/is obsessed to use it in every opportunity at Israel's survival war against racist terrorism by Arabs ( Guardian Promotes Apartheid Slur), long before the bribing by the Arab lobby of former US president, the infamous Jimmy Carter to use the word "apartheid" as a title of his anti-Israel bigoted book.

Facts of equal rights & equal treatment of Arabs in Israel, that even Carter has admitted (interview with former President Jimmy Carter. ... "I recognize Israel is a wonderful democracy with freedom of speech and equality of treatment ... " ), doesn't matter.

* "Racism" - as in 'Arab racists nations decrying "racism" of Israel's defense in Durban... (on that country which is multi-racial), "racism" is grabbed at any opportunity at the biased 'The Guardian'. A prime example might be the case of 'Palestinian' Arab marrying an Israeli Arab, the question of residence, restrictions, in Israel's facing of the menace of genocide by 'Palestinian' bombers, never mind the ridiculous term "racism" at a time when both parties are the exact same Arabs, or of Arab "race".



The Guardian's Demonization Campaign

Creating a Palestinian Apartheid State?

Israel, No "apartheid" here!

Israel's critics and their war with the truth, the Guardian, which is routinely hostile to Israel

The Economist has gone the way of The Guardian and The Independent, the country's far-left broadsheets

An Arab bus driver from Gaza deliberately slammed his vehicle into a group of people waiting at a bus stop near Tel-Aviv, murdering seven and injuring many more. The driver himself stated that he did it purposely and with intent to kill. But Suzanne Goldenberg, of the British newspaper The Guardian, rejected his confession and insisted that he was "no terrorist" but merely had an accident caused by taking medication that made him drowsy.

the Guardian, the Independent and the BBC are all anti-Israeli

Making a "criminal" out of Saint Israel

Israel the GEM, Multi-racial, freedom, Equality for all, The Democratic humanitarian free oasis in the racist fascist totalitarian oppressive jungle of the Middle east

Israeli Society Modern Israel is a vibrant and complex multi-ethnic, multi-racial, ... As a democracy Israel has a democratically elected parliament--the Knesset...


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