Making a "criminal" out of Saint Israel

When it comes to Victim Israel, the media "justice" turns 360 degrees.

A bias that selects Israel for unfair harsh terms & gross language.

When it comes to victim Israel, all hell break lose.


What's good for Europeans & the rest of the world is never good for Israel even on the expense of saving lives


Gen. Giora Eiland: Israel Should Adopt Policy of Holland, Switzerland & Denmark In Barring Automatic Citizenship To Palestinian Spouses Of Israeli Arabs
Two More Fatalities From Palestinian Suicide Bombing On April 17th At Tel Aviv Bus Station

IsraCast: Natan Sharansky Blasts Canadian Unions Anti-Israeli ...He cited that when Israel took legitimate measures to defend its citizens from Palestinian suicide bombers this was branded as apartheid. ...

These Arabs lack citizenship because of their actions, not their race or ... their own Palestinian state - a country where all Israeli settlements would be ...

In no way can the treatment of Arabs by the State of Israel be compared to the treatment of the Blacks of South Africa under apartheid. There is no Israeli ideology, policy or plan to segregate, persecute or mistreat the Arab population. Democracy is the cornerstone of the State of Israel. Israel makes no distinction between its Arab and Jewish citizens. Israeli Arab citizens enjoy the same rights as their Jewish neighbors. They are also free to practice their religion without discrimination, in accordance with Israel's commitment to democracy and freedom. As in every country, much more needs to be done to promote greater educational and employment opportunities for minorities, particularly for Israeli Arabs. The Israeli government has committed to investing in the necessary infrastructure and assistance for these communities.

CAMERA: Guardian Defames Israel with False Apartheid Charges (The Palestinian statistical abstract claims that the Israeli figures understate Arab population growth, so that would further undermine Mr. McGreal�s case.

The 2,500-kilometre-long defensive wall built by Morocco constituted a de facto annexation of the larger part of the Territory. That �apartheid wall� had been humiliating the Saharawi people for two decades and had converted the Sahara into a ghetto.

International campaign against the apartheid wall and Moroccan colonial occupation of Western Sahara:

If you guessed that the barrier in question was Israel�s West Bank security fence, guess again. It surrounds the Spanish enclave of Melilla, on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, a remnant of Spain�s colonial past. Morocco argues, with considerable regional support, that Melilla and another Spanish coastal enclave, Ceuta, are in fact occupied Moroccan territory, and must be returned.

As the Wall Street Journal�Europe pointed out in a recent editorial (Sept. 26), there are two major differences between the fence around Melilla and Israel�s security barrier. One is that no-one is protesting that this fence is illegal, a barrier to peace or a land grab, and no-one calls it an "apartheid wall", even though its intent is very much to separate people along largely ethnic lines. In fact, the EU, which has protested so vigorously against Israel�s barrier, is actually helping Spain to fund the fence.

The other difference is the intent � the Melilla barrier is not intended to save lives or prevent terrorism. It is there to keep out largely sub-Saharan Africans looking for a better life in Europe, and who become free to move about Europe once they get into Melilla, which is a part of Spain and thus a part of the EU.


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