"Palestinians" = LIES

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ABC Middle East Brief facts prior current conflict

"palestinians", History

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

Jerusalem, FACTS

'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

Biblical/Historical Facts about the Land

Multimedia/ Videos

"Palestinian" Rocks - Infant stoning victim dies of wounds

"Palestinian" FAKE Photos & Videos INDUSTRY

The �al-Aqsa Intifada� � An Engineered Tragedy [How many of the 'Palestinians' were/are really unarmed]




As if it was not enough when Arab 'palestinian' Propaganda Machine has 'come up' with a list of nicknaming-it: "massacres" How 'Palestinian' propaganda struggles with their terror initiation, How/When they use the words: Terror, Massacre that happened while they were ARMED fighting Israelis.

Together with 'repairing' their butchers that aim at babies by cosmetic-covering them as "freedom fighters", and terrorists as "gunmen", many in the Western media has "swallowed" these bitter pills.

(Not to mention the blatanat lies Arab Palestinian INDUSTRY OF LIES that even when rebuked by UN & other international bodies never accused of "bias towards Israel...", even against these bodies, they never apologized, or at least rectified their "records", case in point, Jenin.)

Later on they realized that it's not dramatic enough, continuing with their horrific comparisons-crime, they stretched it out to the maximum, they dare attached to these fights and to Israeli defense against Arab attacks as in unique terms of WW2 Arab (propaganda) Crime On the Six Million, thus trying to hurt Jewish feelings, to hit wrongly on their known sensitive moral-conscience.

Their cruelty has no limit, Does it?

'palestinian' Criminal (-Langauge-) Propaganda, Update your knowledge on their slogans)

Laughing At 'palestinian' Criminal Drama Words

"Palst." -Terrorists Use
Another Ambulance
This time A UN's

Earlier Cases Use
of Ambulances
For Terror

Arabian Apartheid,
Wall and More...

Guilty 'Palstn' Teachers
And Parents, Why Their
Children Die

Their Criminal Use
Of Human Shields
Why their Civilians Die

Their Heinous Use
Of their Kids
as Human Bombs

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