The 'Palestinian' Oppression by 'Palestinians'

Oppression, Oppression, Google it up, you will stump into "Palestinian" virus propaganda, that's guaranteed.

One of the best tools/slogans, the "Palestinians" have introduced into their Goliath propaganda machine and into their cult of "self made victimhood".

As yourself if you call any curfew in Iraq (2003 - 2007) to curb the Shiite Muslim on Sunni Muslims massacres and bloodshed & vice versa, or in any part of the world that security of the population is at risk, as "oppression".

But you will never hear anyone in the mainstream take on the real oppressive siege by the 'Palestinians' on Israelis via their terrorism or the oppression of 'Palestinians' by 'Palestinians'.

* Their heinous street justice, where animalistic lynching is a normal thing.

* The notorious use of their kids as human bombs, as human shields and indoctrinating them into hatred and glorifying mass murder, the worse form of child buse in the world, hence: (not just) Palestinian adults' oppression of their kids.

* Oppressing women, no wonder Honor killing is in 'Palestine' one of the worse in the world.

* Oppressing Christians even before Hamas took office. Well, the very same reason "oppression" is used on Israel's self defense measures, is the exact same reason why none of the users will talk on the real oppressors, the 'Palestinians'. The Myth of Oppression - The Great Arab Lie Child Abuse in the Palestinian Authority Stop Palestinian Child Abuse - Signatures palestinian child abuse USING THE "LANGUAGE OF OPPRESSION" TO DELEGITIMIZE ISRAEL Culture of death? Palestinian girl's murder highlights growing number of 'honor killings' Palestinian Authority's oppression of Arab Christians in the self-rule areas Palestinians killing Palestinians (increasing evidence that "Palestinians" are killing "Palestinians" not only for collaboration with Israel) Palestinians lynch Palestinians-, that is routine Palestinian justice



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