"Palestinians" = LIES

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We Know Why They Hate Us, & it's not what they 'tell' us!

When Cheating Islamo Arab Propagandists Attempt to "explain" to us, Why they Hate us

Why do they hate us?

[Almost] No one asks [today] why they hate us, we know that it is their venomous mainstream media, and radical mullahs that incite them no matter what our policies are.
Surprisingly the real users of the above line are ... you guessed it right, the Arab Muslim propagandists themselves.

Is US/UK/Israel ever targeting the unarmed?
If they really would, not one Arab would stay a live, they've their mouth full in lamenting US' 'shelling' Iraqi targets, yet they 'll never mention the Islamo Arab terrorists shelling rescue workers & the UN, they count the "bombs" against ARAB MASS MURDERS TERRORISTS, Yet they do not counted the 15,000 GENOCIDE BOMBERS DELIBERATE AIMING AT ISRAELI BABIES!
But as Osama lately said:
We are against US, For it's the major infidel power!

As to Iraq, many Arabs are joyful that their Butcher is gone, but many of them play it hypocritically both sides, the same Arab Muslims that enjoy the menace is gone, Thanks to the infidel US, the same Gulf Arabs will turn their slplit tongue biting their feeding hand.

What is real going on is that too many moderate Muslims have a problem with 9/11 & other worldwide atrocities by their brothers?

So they try to create excuses, their favorite is the "Palestinians," though they "forget" that the "Palestinians" are the guilty part, with their majority [their own poll: 75%] supporting Genocide Bombers.

There's really no end to excuses, What's going to be after the mask which is called 'Palestinian'-State if one more Arab State is going to be granted in that vast Arab Middle east, If that gift is finally going to be handed out on a silver plate ignoring the bloody hands on the receiving hand? What's going to be their line-mask then?
Unless the root of teaching that it's "OK to kill Non Muslims," [or radical Arab racist campaign on non Arabs] is rooted out ferociously!

No excuses whatsoever, clean & simple! Should moderate Arab Muslims, realize & practice.

Let's hear it, in English AND in Arabic Please!

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