PEACE, the real peace and even the term 'peace' - another casualty of the Arab Muslim Palestinian WAR!

The Islamo Arabs know all too well how soft a typical Jewish heart is, by playing on the 'Jewish guilt' how "poor" their conditions are [despite of the real cause being themselves and its self destructive cult of hatred and Jihad, allocating all resources for anti-Israel propaganda rather than advancing in life, rejecting any change in its education of 'death cult'], they have been successful in gathering many Jews to their side, these recruits are committing 'suicide' without even noticing the true nature of the 'Palestinian' movement, which was [since the 1920's] and is of course pure racism & bigotry, as the Arabs Muslims VS Israel always is, seeing Israel as "Arab" only land & as "Muslim" only land,  with its goal of: annihilation of Israel or at least ethnic cleansing of Jews from ALL OF THE LAND - never given up, more revealed at Hamas guys less revealed at Fatah.

Needless to say those that do the 'dirty work', the actual massacres, those that target the unarmed men, women and children, being glorified as "freedom fighters" by the movement, have their half way cut out for them, after all, "moral" support for these immoral mass murderers was aways a necessesity.

Being the Pallywood deceivers they are, they always mask their pro terror activities (like aiding weapons to be smuggled, preventing punishment of terrorists, etc.) with the "peace" slogan, an effective disguise, quite intimidating I might add, after all who would want to be called an "anti peace"?

So too have they blinded the mainstream media in pretending to be an "innocent advocacy" group for "poor" people, but the power of truth has its ways, as haters can't control themselves for too long, the actors of "free palestine" & ISM thugs have their outbursts each and every time, so that Islamic fascistic shouts of: "kill the Jews" are very typical of a "peace march".

Be wary of fake "Jewish" or "Peace" groups who work  to present an image of seeking a resolution of the conflict but really work to undermine Israel's existence. Some are fronts for the Arabs, some are believers in some utopian socialist state that will never be in place of Israel and some are just plain ignorant. Likewise, there are "pacifists" who actually work to support the enemies killing US troops in Iraq. Your job is not advocacy, but to educate your peers so they can understand they are being duped.

So anti-Semitic leaders have disguised their appeal to base instinct by pretending that they are actually appealing to sublime aspirations. In the case of the Nazis for instance, Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels appealed to Germanic pride and love for the Fatherland. Today, the Left appeals to people’s aspirations for peace and justice. It is only by permitting and indeed enabling Jews to die and the Jewish state to be destroyed that “peace” can be secured and the Palestinians can receive “justice.”

The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), the group with which Corrie was affiliated, is routinely described as a ‘peace group’ in the media. Few make any mention of the ISM’s meeting with the British suicide bombers Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Muhammad Hanif who, a few days later, blew up Mike’s Place, a Tel Aviv pub, killing three and injuring dozens, including British citizens. Or of the ISM’s sheltering in its office of Shadi Sukiya, a leading member of Islamic Jihad. Or of the fact that in its mission statement the ISM said ‘armed struggle’ is a Palestinian ‘right’.

According to the ‘media co-ordinator’ of the ISM, Flo Rosovski, ‘“Israel” is an illegal entity that should not exist’ — which at any rate clarifies the ISM’s idea of peace.

Indeed, partly because of the efforts of Corrie’s fellow activists in the ISM, the Israeli army was unable to stop the flow of weapons through the tunnels near where she was demonstrating. Those weapons were later used to kill Israeli children in the town of Sderot in southern Israel, and elsewhere.

...ISM personnel stating things like, “Kill the Jews”, “We support the resistance of the Palestinian ...

When Palestinians say 'end the occuptaion' what do they mean? [they mean etHnic cleansing all Jews from the ENTIRE AREA!!! not just from the so called "territories"]

The fake peace and media bias
Posted on August 15th, 2007...

The constant terrorist attacks in Israel are unnoted by the world at large. They only notice when an IDF “incursion” occurs. The very word “incursion” is a negative connotation, as is “raid,” the other favorite term for IDF operations to terminate terror against Israel. And of course, there’s the ever-ready “retaliatory strike” after a suicide bombing occurs.
And the media bias against Israel continues unchecked.

Did conference attendees shout "Kill the Jews" when they met at the University of Michigan?

Eyewitness accounts establish that "Kill the Jews" was chanted at the Second National Conference at the University of Michigan in 2002. One student who was present and heard the chanting wrote out and signed an affadavit because he was disturbed by the immediate attempt by the Solidarity Movement to rewrite history and deny that this frightening incident had, in fact, occurred. The affadavit can be viewed at Ref. 4.

Kill the Jews, or, Chrad al Yahood, was chanted in Arabic. This is the chant traditionally shouted by Arab mobs as they enter Jewish neighborhoods to actually kill Jews. It is familiar to many Jews who have watched Arab television in Israel and elsewhere since it is regularly chanted at demonstrations.

Stop The ISM JVP's "peace" group has attracted a fair number of useful idiots, Jews who know ... When asked at UC Berkeley why she would embrace those out to kill Jews, ...

College Film Festival: Kill the Jews .... to be a full-blown anti-Israel "Free Palestine" meeting supported by Israel haters from Jewish Voice for Peace. ...

Take a Pen - A Terrorist Protection Movement, disguised as a Peace movement, is in fact a partner with terror organizations in the struggle to annihilate Israel ...

Islam means "peace". Fun means "Kill Jews". Muslim children ‘kill’ Israelis on UK-made ‘Islamic Fun’ CD. 

The Arab legacy of hate ...As such, they see the hatred of Israel by Palestinians and Arabs as not only anti-biblical but anti-Christian. But from a merely psychological viewpoint, ...

To the clowns in the ISM: You are not peace activists, you are not human rights workers, you are stinky little lying wannabe revolutionaries who support the same jihadis to whom this memorial video for 9/11 is dedicated. We WILL close you down. Please watch this video:

ISM activist prosecuted for aiding Hamas and passport fraud:

A Jewish student was brutally attacked at CUNY, NY. [2007]... This is the second time a Jewish man was beaten up at an ISM event in this country. One year ago, Georgetown University guards severely beat a 67-year-old retired police officer for also asking if the speakers supported terrorism. Georgetown currently has an $8 million personal injury lawsuit on its hands as a result.

Israel and the Arabs: It's about ideology, not territory
2 Sep 2008
 ... Sought-after Israeli expert and former chief of the Israeli army, Moshe Yaalon warned this week that Western efforts notwithstanding, there will never be peace in the Middle East until brokers like the United States acknowledge the true roots of the conflict.

"The central conflict of the Middle East is not territorial but ideological; not about borders but about Islamic Jihadism and Western liberty," wrote Yaalon in a new position paper for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Yaalon explained that the current peace process, which is based on Israeli territorial concessions, is only exacerbating the problem, as evidenced by the fact that the Middle East is far more violent and far more of a threat to world stability today than it was two decades ago.

"No ideology, least of all radical Islam, can be defeated by concessions, which encourage, energize, and inspire Jihadists," noted Yaalon. "Those who wish for peace must face and assimilate this fact, and realize that territorial concessions, or any concessions in any realm in the struggle against militant Islam, have been consistently counterproductive."

"The Arab war against Israel is a jihad," Shoebat says. "Of course it's a jihad. It is a religious, holy war. What part of 'religious, holy war' can't the world understand?" Even Christians are indoctrinated in jihad ideology, he notes. Rejection of Jewish rights and history in Israel underlies the foundation of this Islamic jihad doctrine. [1]

In the Middle East, jihad theology has deep historical roots even for some churches. In the mid 19th century, according to noted Islamic scholar Bat Ye'or, the papacy allied with French imperialists to promote Arab nationalism among Arabized Middle Eastern Christians in the Ottoman provinces...

Not surprisingly, Beit Sahour is also home to Ghasson Andoni and George Rishmawi, the co-founders of the Rapprochement Center. They also co-founded the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) with Huwaida Arraf and Adam Shapiro. Both organizations appear to be driven by the malevolent jihad ideology that Walid Shoebat describes. Indeed, at the third annual Palestine Solidarity Conference at Ohio State University in November, ISM featured such radical speakers as Khalid Turaani, executive director of American Muslims for Jerusalem. According to Steven Emerson, AMJ is a radical group that "routinely invokes 'Zionist' conspiracies and has featured calls at its conferences for the killing of Jews..." [3] Last May, the ISM held a $40 per plate dinner co-sponsored by an Islamist group, the Muslim Public Affairs Council. Another sponsor: the American Friends Service Committee.

The jihad against the Jewish people in the holy land dates back centuries. But in March 1920, Yasser Arafat's idol and relation, Jerusalem Mufti Hajj Amin el-Husseini, reignited the Islamic reign of terror, says Shoebat. El-Husseini sent for muhajideen from Syria to stage bloody riots. Soon afterwards, he led violent agitations to win the coveted role of Jerusalem Mufti over another candidate who apparently did not espouse jihad.

...I am not exaggerating. Just the other day, on 17 Monday, April 2006,

“A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up outside a fast-food restaurant in a bustling commercial area of Tel Aviv during the Passover holiday Monday, killing eight other people and wounding at least 49, police said.”[3]

A famous Israeli pro-‘Palestinian’ organization, dominant in Israel’s so-called ‘peace’ movement, Gush Shalom, immediately sent out an email to its list saying the following:

“Sure, we are horrified by the senseless random killing. But we have also something to say about why it happened, how it might have been prevented, how the next one can still be prevented. But how to say it on this day and in that location? How to make comprehensible, to shocked and angry and traumatized [Jewish] people, that the occupation is the root cause of our suffering as well as the Palestinians’? How to explain convincingly that we must dry at source the oppression which makes young Palestinians don explosive belts and throw away their lives together with those of others?”[4]

In other words, Gush Shalom is asking this: How can we explain to the Israeli Jews that a child in her stroller deserved to be torn to pieces because she is the spawn of a colonialist power that dispossesses and oppresses a third-world people? How can we get Israelis to agree with the Orwellian logic of the above paragraph, where “senseless random killing” = justified political act? Since the threshold for endorsing violence against Jews is low anyways, it appears that Nathan Weinstock has already provided the answer: the trick is to insist that Arab antisemitism is an “understandable” reaction to supposed Jewish colonialism, as opposed to just plain racism. And the better to allege that this is Arab “national consciousness” (as opposed to just plain racism), we will outlaw any comparison between Arab Muslim attitudes and those European attitudes that produced the Nazi Final Solution against the European Jews. Says Weinstock:

“These [Arab] attacks any way be assimilated to straightforward anti-Semitic outrages which had their source in classical European coordinates of the Jewish problem.”


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