"Palestinians" = LIES

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Erase the BOGUS Words like: "TitForTat" or "Responding" in the ME
We are used to the sentence repeated in the wide media "... Happened in responds to".
Seriously, Do Arab Muslim "palestinian" Jihad murderers & their majority backers sit patiently on the bench for waiting for Israel to do anything in order to slaughter?
Do they ever miss a chance to kill?
There must be a very bitter joke in saying that when it is quite it is really of their "good will...", when they -- Thank the Almighty -- do not succeed.
Well, about those coward-terrorists' arrogance is needless to to elaborate.
Then again, Should Israel wait until those savages attack it's kids? A preventive operation is not a "response," it is exactly what it is: Preventing attackers, saving lives, that & only that is what Israeli operations are all about.  
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