Correction: [Islamists'] 'Holy' HATE not 'holy site'

It is clearly that the anti-Israel hatemongers, Islamic propagandists are more about hate than "site".

Those that were "hurt" by the 'palestinian' on 'palestinian' Arab-Muslim rival terrorism/violence decided to play another dirty trick (in the cult of deception & dirty tricks called PALLYWOOD), after all, What more can unify Arabs than anti-Zionists hatred?
Put some "religion" into it, and you're done!

Why would someone that claims to hold Jerusalem so "dearly", be opposed to reparations to improve the site, that is in shaky shape?

These Islamists oppose to "touching" anything there? Wrong!
The very Islamic Wakf has been doing digging, and not just for repair, continuous "work in the night" for far too long under open free Israel's democracy's eye, but tolerant non Muslims, tolerant Israelis, tolerant Jews didn't stone anyone.

The agenda of Islamic hatred is not only just "holy" to them, but is even far more holier than the holy sites they claim to be "one of the holiest sites to Muslims."

Another Islamic hypocrisy sell & the media buys it.

Jews' Temple Mount, becoming "mosque" for Muslims only? Muslim leaders are calling for a "new intifada" to protest the routine Israeli repair work.

Extremists using J'lem dig for their own political benefit , Israel would never do anything to harm freedom of worship for all religions in Jerusalem, and that certain groups are using excavations near the Temple Mount for their own political gain.

"The Temple Mount is the site most holy to the Jewish people," ... "The State ofIsrael will never to anything to harm the freedom of worship of members of all religions - in Jerusalem or anywhere in Israel."

"There are irresponsible elements, who know full well that no harm is being caused here to any holy site, who are exploiting Israeli democracy to fan religious feelings for political gain," Livni continued. "This is true of both political groups within Israel and extremist elements outside Israel."


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