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ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

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'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS?

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We saw their propaganda, like  "Palestinian" children mocking their exact adult made-up words like: "We have a right -- just like any other kid -- to go to school"... That child had repeated it about three times, with the exact version ... and the other kids right away copy-catted the same bogus words.
Who does not let "Palestinian" Arab kids go to school, a new vicious libel?
We all saw who's the boss there, especially exposed lately: Butcher Arafat, that billionaire/BRIBER has managed to organize "spontaneous"marches for his filthy ego, Where/How did all these kids came from if "Israelis" have any hold on "Palestinian" kids?
The so called: Arab "Palestinian" Counseling Center's Siham Rashid has replied to the obvious question (the world's question) about Arab "Palestinian" kids hating & acting violently for being indoctrinated, Siham answered a most silly reply: "I truly believe that hate cannot be taught..."
We never heard such a silly lie about this subject of hate & violence.
Shall we talk about the documented horrific guilty 'Palestinian' Arab Parents/Taeachers?
Shall we bring up the famous 'Palestinian' evil textbooks?
Shall we mention the horror of 'Palestinian' Child Abuse?
Arab "Palestinian" need not only different parenthood & "schooling," but counseling after this vicious cult of glorifying & pushing cold-blood-murdering of innocent civilians, in the name/excuse of "resistance."
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