The Arab racism of playing Israelis' fear of Arab terror as "racism"

How the Arab propaganda abuses Israelis' fear of terror into ludicrous charges of "racism". Not only are these racists the same ones pushing, backing, supporting the Arab terrorism but even exploit Israelis' fear of it. The (Islamofascist and Arab racist) terrorism on Israel has a double-edged sword--it cuts both ways.

1) The Wall which is between two different identity card holders, between Israeli Arabs or Jews on one side and the SAME (race, same people!) Arabs that are (just) not Israelis on the other hand. No one denies Israel is under infiltration menace from the Arabs across the fence, from radicals that try to massacre innocent Israelis 24/7. But anti-Israel racist Arab propaganda tries to portray this as "racist" or as "apartheid", go figure.

2) The massive arrests of so many Israeli Arabs for assisting "Palestinian" Arab terrorists in the terror activities has caused many Israelis to fear, so an Israeli Arab organization made up a poll of these fears and of choosing "where to live", knowing the reality that Israeli parents are so wary of their kids, but this Arab group turned it into "racism".

3) Who doesn't know what a "checkpoint" is? and for what reason?, whether you are about to fly or about to enter a major sport event, etc. Especially Israelis of ALL backgrounds have been exposed to Islamo Arab terrorism so much, that they can understand all to well the checkpoints INSIDE Israeli major crowded places, but Arab anti-Israel-racism propaganda turns the security checkpoints in the "Palestinian" controlled (better yet, UNCONTROLLLED...) areas, as "racism".

4) Highly Democratic Israel which is one of the most self criticized states in the world (not only is there no such Arab country that you can voice such anti state opinions and activities, but even in western standards, Israel has such a high diversity of opinions, moreover the self criticism is at times up to levels of charges of most outrageous exaggerated terms), with a large portion of Jews with SUPER GUILT has seen the term "racism" overblown-used, even when it comes to class-ism, which naturally effects EVERY COUNTRY in the WORLD, but anti-Israel racists & bigots have managed to USE it as "facts".


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