Beautiful Compassionate Humane Kind Zionism VS Evil, Arabism, Islamism

Beautiful Compassionate Humane Kind Zionism VS Evil, Racist Arabism, Islamism

Kindness, Tolerance, multi racial, multi color cosmoplitan open, free & democratic: Zionism - Israel


Racist, fascist, totalitarian, ethnic cleansing, cruel, oppressive: Arabism, Islamism

Zionism - Israel has established a Multi-racial Multi Colored Cosmopolitan society, not only Israeli Arabs are integrated but all colors from black through Latino Chinese, (Vietnamese that have been rescued when no one wanted them) to the whitest of whites are all part of the same Israeli system.

Arabism, Islamism - fascism & racism not only persecutes minorities in all Arab & Muslims countries, be the Kurds in Arab counries or in Iran, Chinese under Indonesian Muslims, any non Muslim in Saudi Arabia, the Christians ( in Egypt, or Christians & Druse ethnic groups in in Lebanon, Kurds and Druze in Syrian dictatorship, or the Berbers ethnic group in Morocco, Algeria, etc. or the native Africans on Arab controlled countries such as Egypt (on Nubian native Egyptians), etc. but the horrific racist bloody Arabization even invaded foreign countries such as Sudan, Chad where they (Janjeweed Arabs) carry out that most cruel genocide and slavery, the largest human calamity since WW2.

Zionism - Israel has rescued around 900,000 Jews from Muslim countries that escaped persecution and integrated them into the cosmopolitan multi racial Israeli society.

Arabism & Islamism has led the Arabs (now known as Arab Palestinians) in 1948 to evacuate the holyland with fake stories of "massacres" (instead of telling the truth about BATTLES!) promises of "victory" in ethnic cleansing out the land of the Jews, now not only did not integrate them in all those camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, etc. but even persecutes them (you do not want to be a "Palestinian" in viciously racist Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc...) ask anyone that works there , does not let any Israeli attempt to improve their conditions so they can so terribly use their Arab "Palestinian" brothers as weapons in their fascistic anti Israel campaign.

Zionism - Israel has a beautiful democratic society, where not only Arab women where the FIRST to vote but Arabs, Muslims are not only represented in all branches of government equally, in some cases at preferred status because of not serving in the army yet, sill have all the same rights as non Arab Israelis.

Arabism, Islamism, in most moderate Arab Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, fascism is that strong that Jews in GENERAL are not even allowed to enter, not only Israelis... (in moderate Indonesia & Malasia, you can't enter with an Israekli passoprt). Not to mention 'Judenrein" 'Palestine', with it's totally ethnic cleansing fact and even officilally charter especially Hamas'.

Zionism - Israel that is forced to fight Arab Muslim terrorists that target civilians by the masses in their genocide campaign, try to do it most humanely possible, be the huge sacrifice in the norm of announcing before an anti terror action, Israel pays dearly in pursuing after 'Palestinian' terrorists, so did she paid so dearly in Lebanon, as Arab Islamic Huzbullah terrorists that -- like 'Palestinian' Hamas -- used civilians as shields got away, because of ONLY Israel's concern for non combatants.

Arabism, Islamism, let alone their intentional targeting of non combatant Israelis, Americans, British, Iraqis, Australians, Spaniards, etc. but their cruelty on their owns is so great, as they are the only ones interested in Arab civilian casualties so they can play the "victim", which is why they cause their brothers & sisters to die, they prefer kids above all, so they shoot out of most crowded civilian places and prepare their cameras to capture the fallen Arabs, the bloodier the image, the more they like it.

Zionism - Israel, Impressive open and free press (13 languages) for all kind of opinions, furthermore, it actually has (one of the) most self criticism system, even in the west, some even criticize Israel from within even though it really fights for it's survival, but the super morality critics want even better terms.

Atrabism, Islamism, let alone most Arab Muslim countries are total totalitarian, any criticism can cost you torture and death, but even if you are in supposedly 'democratic' moderate Lebanon and write something against a foreign invader & it's occupation, like brutal Syria, you are in much chances of getting shot dead.

Zionism - Israel a true and open society, a free humane island in the middle east, it's prisons are under tight control to make sure it's humane, if there would be any rare case it would be publicized, dealt with and fixed. It's Arab citizens enjoy even more than Israeli Jews since they do not have to serve in Israeli army yet have all the benefits. It not only aids foreign nations but even it's Arab enemies, from treating for free, wounded "Palestinian" kids (that were sent by Arab adults for violence), to foreign Arab Muslim nations, see: ,

Arabism, Islamism, is not only oppressing it's own people, torturing it's prisoners and you will never even know/hear about it from the tightly closed nations, the standard for terrible treatment of women & honor killing is all over Islamo Arab world, especially in "palestine", the vast crimes against humanity in the oppressive Arab Muslim world is not published, precisly because of it's totalitarianism. asides from being oppressive regimes including the "moderate" ones, on their entire population, on the non Muslims the second class - "dhimmis" , but Arabism & Islamism even exports it's wahabbi totalitarian & repid anti west hatred philosophy outside of it's borders, oppresses, enslaves, mass rapes, commits genocide on the Africans in Sudan and Chad. So is radical fanatical Islamic Republic of Iran & it's Mehdi (Mahdi) army instigating, arming, fighting & mass murder internationally, including in Lebanon, Iraq & among 'Palestinians'.


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