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Palestinian Own Vicious Cycle of Violence

Cycle of Violence made in 'Palestine'

Tired of seeing the 'cycle of violence' term being used over & over by news media?
Me too.

Don't get me wrong, there's a cycle, and a very vicious one, you bet.

So here it is.

First, The situation:
As Israel lets go of the checkpoints out of good will, 'Palestinian' Arab Muslims -- as always abuse Israel openness & kindness -- massacres Israeli civilians, Israel no matter what, chases militant mass murderers, even prior to Palestinian latest atrocity, the only difference after a 'fresh' Intifadah-Masscre bloodshed is that they now tighten security, Where's the 'beef'?

So Where's the 'cycle' you ask?
Well, the cycle is between those very few that try to speak against violence and the majority 'Palestinians', or/and majority Arab Muslim world shuts those mouths, brushing away the few dared mothers that cried out to Butcher Yasser Arafat: 'Let our kids alone'!, and continue pinning their own sins on --you know-- Israel, next time you see a girl getting raped you'll blame her too for "enraging" the rapist? (In 'Palestinian' twisted rampage propaganda 'logic.')

So the VICIOUS cycle goes around from one Vicious Radical 'Palestinian' parent to another, from one Mullah to the other, from one teacher of their evil-hate textbook to their official TV glorifying mass murder, from one 'moderate' leader to the next, instead of breaking it once & for all, and change their education & abusing their kids in that awful blood cult of Suicide-Genocide all out murder, with false excuses as being "desperate", no they'd rather not change, they follow, excuse me fly along this same self-destructive path of "we are allowed to murder innocent including own kids because we are 'victims' "...

Fine with them?
OK, But Don't whine for me tomorrow with lines like "Who's side has more dead"... or: 'We suffer from security checkpoints', and: "We don't have a State"...

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