"Palestinians" = LIES

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Every time all these years, that Israel was ready to sit and talk peace, ready to sacrifice so much on it's safety expense, 'Palestinians' would just spoil it with bloody violence, they just send machine gunners "gunmen" terrorists to shoot randomly into "occupying" familles residents, they just send another Genocide-bomber onto whole crowds, they just couldn't hold back their blood-thirst, no matter their losses in the "land" they nudge so much about in their unlimited (it is never enough, Is it?) land-greed.

Those mothers should be charged with the murder of their children by brainwashing them & pushing them to it.
Why don't those coward cruel mothers go blow themselves up instead of their children?

The only real oppressors of the Arab so called "Palestinians", are their radical parents & leaders.
Even on that very same topic they are brainwashed, Remember! Butcher Brutal Tyrant Saddam Hussein had also his poor tortured maimed victims crowds cheering for him.
Only Israel has tried to help them, (already in 1948 they were told by their terrible Arab leaders to leave ... because they're about to ETHNIC-CLEANSE the land of Jews).
Each time, Israel tried to aid them (Islamist-Iran at it's terrible tragic earthquake 01-04, refused too, rings a bell?), they continued to put more hardship on their people's condition, let alone that Butcher Billionaire Thieve, Egyptian born: Yasser Arafat, but most neighboring "moderate" Arab Muslim leaders & radicals alike.

The Arab vicious leaders have managed to play the "Palestinians"' conditions only to hurt the West's image, so they could continue their tyranny on their own people, while their populous focuses on the FALSE "enemy"-zionist.
The worst enemy for the Palestinian kid, is his current mommy-daddy.

And as long as this evil-education goes on, no "land" deals could ever change a darn thing.

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