Carter's crime of language on South African real victims of Apartheid

In a more perfect world, you'd expect S. Africans to march against Arab-funded Carter calling 'war on terror' "apartheid"

But since PC is leading the charge, Islamic terrorists have managed to do just that, to instill fear & terror especially into lefty "intellectuals", all is fine then, no Israeli, or Zionist or even Christian will bomb/behead that confused propagandist: Jimmy Carter, so everything is just fine, so what if he admitted he used the "apartheid" slur on victim Israel only to provoke? the deal with the devil is done, the money is in the pocket, the "honor" that was never his turf inside Carter's home country, the loser found always friends that are anti west (from those that would have him & all the west under Islamic Inquisition,) the most radicals among them, as a matter of fact.

Thus, not only does Jimmy Carter commit a terrible crime in dehumanizing victims of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish Islamic-Fascist ("apartheid" is too delicate, actually) terrorists, in a country that it's Arabs not only are not second class but even have far more rights than Israeli Jews, (especially regarding access to holy sites in Jerusalem, court cases involving land disputes & benefits vis-a-vis obligation to serve in the army), but on the historic victims of the real apartheid, those of S. Africa, that is.


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