"Palestinians" = LIES

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The 'Refusniks' & Israel's Super Morality
The very fact of the 'refusniks', leads only to one conclusion:

Only HIGH-MORAL Israel has such voices even when being right, when merely defending it's BABIES.
While you won't find one pathetic voice on the CRUEL-BLOODED ARAB SIDE in the face of Arab Genocide Bombing preferring to hit at: INFANTS & CROWDED FAMILIES.
So you would expect a positive emotional reaction from the all-the-time critics on Israel (no matter what she does)? No!
So far they only use it to tarnish struggling unfair Israel's battered image by Goliath Arab Muslim giant media/street/oil.
Has it ever occurred to them to bow for a unique nation that while shielding it's babies, it still thinks twice if the shield is too strong & might scratch the attackers???
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