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There were somewhere between four or five hundred thousand Arabs who heeded the call of their leaders to leave their homes in Israel, These same leaders assured them that it would take less than two weeks for Arab forces to destroy the nascent Jewish State, and they could then return to their homes.

On the other hand, the statues of Jews in Arab countries was precarious. Jews have lived in Syria, Iraq, Egypt and in north Africa for more than 1.0000 years. in Iraq, Jews have preceded the Arabs by 1,500 years, yet Jews were denied equal rights in varying degrees and suffered humiliation and deprivation.

One the day Israel was established as a state, life for these Jews became untenable. As a result, Israel absorbed one million now homeless "Arab Jewish" refugees.
Jews in the Arab world were forced to leave in much larger numbers than the Arabs who left Israel of their own volition.

In fleeing from the Arab countries, Jews had to abandon homes and businesses, schools and synagogues, personal bank accounts and accumulated wealth of more than 1,000 years, very much as in Europe these possessions are in the hands of thieves and criminals, but unlike Europe where reparations are, in part, paid, nothing at all has ever been demanded from the Arabs.

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