Only Racism Motivates anti Israel "racism" charges
Constant campaign by racist Arabs
Anti Israel fascism: Holding Israel to a standard ( - 'Double Standard'), NO COUNTRY can.

Just after pluralistic multi racial Israel has nominated it's Arab minister...

No matter what Israel does -- the very democratic Israel that is enabling for Arab-advocacy & Arab propagandists to flourish, such groups that have a job of 'silencing real racism, hatred & terrorism by Arabs inside/outside of Israel', via crying 'racism' on ANYTHING, good hearted Israel that faces imminent danger from a sea of fascism, Islamofascism or plain Arab racism, usually both combined -- it just can never "satisfy" the charges of "racism". The Arab racists know that, which is why they know they can go on & on & on about it.

How more can we racis-ize Israel?

Anti-Israel groups such as "Adala" (by racist Arabs supported by some Israeli Jews saturated by extra-guilt) is even resorting to such ridiculous "complaints" as to why Israel does not promote 'Muslim holy sites' as much as they do for Jewish sites... wow! How is it "racist"? Well, that doesn't really matter much, just as long as they can even remotely claim the desired "racism" word, that WORKS for them.

"Palestinian" Arabs: If you dare defend yourself, I will call you a "racist"

How can one expect to survive fascist Arabs inside Israel that conspire to slaughter innocent non-Arab Israelis?

How can anyone criticize security measures in the war on terror?

Why is it that a checkpoint on Jews is quite OK but a checkpoint for Arabs have to be connected to "racism"? Is this double standard not racist?

Last but not least, Don't forget the good ol' Arab occupied UN that jumps on any "racism" charge, old or new, the body that would never voice anything on real racism by the entire Arab world on ALL it's minorities, without any explanation of 'fighting terrorists' insight.


Now let's take a look at real racism, no argument here, by Arabs inside Israel, Israeli Arabs' fascism, you are all welcome to ever try and match these factual racism with the Arabists that charge Israel with anything...

Israeli Arabs' deny Shoah Totally Jewish, UK More than a quarter of Israeli Arabs believe the Holocaust did not take place, according to a new survey conducted by Haifa University. ...

The Enemy Within Strategy Page March 17, 2007: There is a growing problem with loyalty of Israeli Arabs, who make up 20 percent of the population. A recent opinion survey of the Israeli Arabs

Israeli Intelligence: Israeli Arabs A Long-Term Danger To Israel's survival Zionist Organization of America (press release), NY - Mar 15, 2007 

  • In 2006, 21 Israeli-Arab terror cells were uncovered, involving 24 Arab citizens. In 2005, the numbers were 17 terror cells involving 22 Arabs.
  • Some 40% of the Israeli Arabs involved in terrorism originated in Judea and Samaria but were permitted to come to pre-�67 Israel and receive Israeli residency after marrying Israeli-Arabs. They are then permitted to travel freely throughout the country
  • Radicals taking over

    Half of Israeli Arabs justify Hizbullah kidnapping,7340,L-3378086,00.html Ynetnews, Israel - Mar 18, 2007 Prof Sammy Smooha from Haifa University finds surprising support for Shiite organization among Israeli Arabs. 'The Katyusha rockets endangered them too,'

    48% of Israeli Arabs Say Hizbullah Rocket Attacks Justified Israel Hasbara Committee (subscription)

    DEBKAfile Exclusive: Israeli Arabs caught fighting with al Qaeda ... Mar 18, 2007 Captured in Baghdad Saturday, March 17, were two - some sources say three - Israeli Arabs, who told their American interrogators they came from the northern ...



    Israelis aren't 'racist' - they're worried


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