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ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

Our Money?
If they really care about "our money", they'd: Talk about "our money" (Billions!) to Egypt that "loves" us so much (no matter our policy) in the UN & in their press, plus their brutal oppressing of the www.copts.com
Talk about "our money" to "palestinians" that most end up in Genocide-Bombing (just like: EU fraud office investigates aid diversion to bombers).
Talk about "our money" (Billions!) to Jordan, yes another "moderate" regime, with it's anti-US protests & so many Honor Killing .
Talk about "our money" (Bilions!) to Nuke-Power-Pakistan, amidst massive Indian victims' protests.India lobbying to block US aid: Pakistan . (Not that encouraging Musharaf to coopererate in anti-terrorism is not recomended, but if for that Israel is than far more at value, of course).
Talk about "our money" to Islamic Sudan that is the ONLY ONE TODAY that still enslaves Christians SUDAN CHRISTIANS CRY OUT SILENTLY FOR HELP!  .
Talk about our money! Please do!

Interesting facts
These are what we call FACTS. Say it with me: FACTS.

The United States gives more foreign aid to the Arab world than to Israel.

Egypt - $2,116,000,000 Jordan - $192,814,000 Lebanon - $12,550,000 Liberia - $36,123,000 Angola - $54,408,000 Sudan - $1,121,000 Oman - $225,000

and so on...

And here's something that will boggle the minds of you Israel haters. In the last United Nations vote on foreign aid, only 7 nations WORLDWIDE voted against the United States giving $3 billion to Israel. Only Micronesia got less votes against, with 0.

On the other hand... 78 nations voted against the United States giving financial aid to Lebanon. 67 nations voted against the United States giving financial aid to Jordan. 66 nations voted against the United States giving financial aid to Egypt.

and the list goes on...

Why so many votes against supporting countries like Lebanon, and so few votes against supporting a country like Israel?

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