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"palestinians", History

ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it?

History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians"

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Is it really the 'Jewish Lobby,' or Israel is vital to the US as a strategic asset combined with urge for freedom among Americans that see , justifiably so, Israel as such an oasis in the Wild Middle east?
The myth of the `Jewish lobby'

Actually: 'Jewish lobby' is an anti-Semitic term, says US diplomat

Why is it OK For Mighty Goliath Saudis to BUY Washington, but 'God forbid' if the oppressed Israelis in the middle east & in the UN, Tries to defend itself a bit... Why the double standard?

Isn't it enough that they've already the UN wrapped around their little finger?

Arab Racist LOBBY, UN U.S. Out of U.N. Racism Conference

It's not UNusual

PLO Granted Observer Status at the UN, 1975

Arab 'moderates' favorites use of incitement & hate:
Anti-Semitism in Saudi Arabia: Allegations of Jewish Control of American Policy

What Riyadh Buys in Washington

Even as far as defending
Ex Iraqi dictator:"The ''Don't Touch Saddam'' Lobby" by the ChronWatch Founder, Jim Sparkman

Arab Lobby in US:
The Road Map: International All, Nothing or Something?

The LIE-Exaggeration, and misconceptions on the Lobby

Myths & Facts - U.S. Middle East Policy

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