"Palestinians" = LIES

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 What is 'State Terrorism'?

In the course of the post Arab-Militant-Islamists' massacre of 9/11, Arab-Muslims have found themselves powerless against the horror facts, against the growing Goliath monster Islamic terror worldwide, and shame has encountered them.

Many Arab-Muslims including 'moderates', have adopted a 'strategy,' of 'Your offense is your best defense,' which is why they see them selves 'permitted' to go on a rampage and knowingly lie on the West, particularly on their favorite scapegoat, little victim Israel, and much often against all Jews, (insert "zionists" were applicable...).

In this malicious all-is-lose, all lies are OK-'Halal' strategy, their created term on 'state terrorism,' & their own freelance definition has become frequent.

Now, Let's see what is 'State Terrorism'.

State Terrorism is NOT, when you are faced against mass murderers that look for your men women & children to slaughter them.

State Terrorism is NOT, when you practice restraint against those that abuse that very restraint to sneak in, mingle with the locals to blow them up into pieces in public crowds.

State Terrorism is NOT, when your criticized weapons are not in use in the face of human shields.

State Terrorism is NOT, when your industry invests sweat time & money to invent special on-target minimum collateral damaged caused missiles.

State Terrorism is NOT, when you do not act like Arab regimes (examples: Syria, Jordan, Egypt, that just massacred thousands of uprising-protesters immediately, now that was-is the real State-Terrorism , no doubt), but rather risking your young lives by running into dangerous booby trapped houses, getting into extremely complicated surgical operations, wondering door to door on the look out exclusively for terrorists.

But, State Terrorism is: Financing, harboring groups that target innocent men women & children, that boost the death camps where their young minds are being crushed under the diabolic stream of rationalizing cold blooded murder, no matter how many cosmetic excuses of "freedom," or bluffing leaders' "denial' of involvement's.

So a word of advice to the embarrassed Islamo-Arab propagandists (in face of global Jihadi atrocities):

If you want to clean yourself, clean THIS out of YOU. End of story.

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