"Palestinians" = LIES

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Creating a bad picture to fit their propaganda frame

Have you noticed how it has been in fashion for sometime to ever more 'come up' on Israel's survival, newly made 'terms', slogans, drama-words, ugly comparisons-titles, falsely attaching labels, etc., etc., ( etc.)?

Have you noticed how it has become a 'normal' thing for an Arabist media to shoulder drop use of that dreadful abnormal language?

We don't have to, and darn right we are, not to be obliged to even 'clean' Israel's
  (image at it's) survival battle from Baby-Butchers, whether be a DE-fence fence, whether be a door to door operation on the look out for mass murderers, or any other measures targeted against terrorists "gunmen" & "freedom-fighter" serial killers.

The same as we don't have to remind again & again each time former S. African terms come up, that Arab Muslims women have far better rights in beautiful democratic equal for all Israel
, (more than just being mere 'better') than in their most Arab Muslim countries.

(Without even going into the Arab Leaders' guilt of chasing out their Arab 'Palestinian' population in 1948, and persecuting them ever since in their own countries & kicking them into/onto Israel.)

The same as we don't have to remind everyone the basics, that a fight between defenders and "PEOPLE THAT ARE OUT TO MASSACRE YOUR MEN WOMEN & CHILDREN" has no place in those 'comparisons', but in using randomly those terms, it is a terrible crime & an injustice on the real victims of former S. Africa, Rwanda, of Radical Islam's massacres Global wide, or those of WW2-Calamity.

But we have to note that this Islamo Arab militant machine called "palestinian"-Propaganda is doing just that.

Well, Welcome to their world of 'creativity', Remember those fake funerals, adding bodies from cemeteries, dressing in Israeli IDF military uniform and filming themselves committing "atrocities", etc.?

Ever wondered why?

In their desperate peruse of victimizing Israel, Israelis & those of Hebrew descent (Yes, J. Liberals- collaborators, you are hurting your self), that includes 'justifying' their crimes, justifying their hatred-industry, that includes their vicious boycott, on the ONLY COUNTRY SUFFERING FROM SUCH CRUELTY, in the course of this-their clearly terrible goal, negative objective frame, they'll try to CREATE, INVENT, BLUFF, EXAGGERATE
(somehow the "Jenin" from 50 combatants to a LIE of: 500 enlargement just came up on the mind...), WHATEVER POSSIBLE, to 'have' a
"picture" to fit the very above FRAME of THEIR EVIL.

Well, of course they'll, invent, blatantly LIE, stretch, insert, edit etc. whatever it takes To 'fit' their objective-frame, they've a 'goal' remember?

Well, while victim Israel's positive & innocent fact won't change with these "pictures",  UNFORTUNATELY, Some fall into their made imagination-animation, in any case, their diabolical HATRED-DEMONIZING-VICTIMZING & RATIONALIZING-MURDER

UNFair use notice:
While the 'frame' is made in (so called) "palestine", the "picture" is produced in Arab Muslim Oilywood-Media-Inc. certified by 'moderate' Halal 'Mahathir' Style, often hosted by radical lefty apologists, all rights WRONGS reserved.

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