Wanna sign-up for totalitarian 'anti-freedom' freedom fighters?

"Freedom Fighters" - most ironic term terrorists use, translation: fighting AGAINST any freedom.
What went through your mind when you heard militant Cindy Sheehan calling the terrorists fighting in Iraq "militia freedom fighters"?
Would these same "militias" spare her throat giving the chance? why after all, the very factor of an 'infidel being in Arab land (Iraq) is already good enough to shout: "Allah Akbar" & head cut off!
If you are about to use the "freedom" word You might call it "freedom from the non Muslim existence", if you wish.
Unless the Islamists are even more open & honest like:  http://www.adnki.com/index_2Level.php?cat=Terrorism&loid=8.0.220033018&par=0 Baghdad, 18 Oct. (AKI) - Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the terror group led by Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, has released a new statement in which it explains the reasons for its terror campaign and states that they are not fighting the US occupation of Iraq, but to create "an Islamic state which is part of the caliphate and the Muslim territory."
The terror group then goes on to reveal its real objectives, saying: "We are not fighting to chase out the occupier or to save national unity and keep the borders outlined by the infidels intact," the statement continues. "We are fighting because it is a religious duty to do it, just as it is a duty to take the Sharia [Islamic law] to the government and create an Islamic state."

To all those apologists for the terrorists in Iraq, What on earth does a Saudi Arab, a Syrian Arab, a Jordanian to fight for a "home land" or 'freedom" in Iraq?
Ah. Those that tell us / campaign that they are for "freedom for the Palestinians".
What "freedom"? Islamic Palestinians Hamas want freedom? for whom??? what an Irony.
What kind of "free society" of Sharia & dictatorship let alone on women but TOTAL totalitarianism on all it's subjects, without even any free speech of the planned hamas version of "Palestine" are they supporting?
Abbas is also not the best choice, he is no better than those typical Arab non-free societies.
What a hypocrisy, those anti-Israel racists always hide their hatred under "worry for Palestinians" crap!
Why not support the freedom fighters Jews, the tiny oasis called Israel from vicious bloodthirsty Islamists that are surrounding the captive democratic Israelis by siege?
Let alone choking it with longest boycott campaign, the international Islamic Arab anti-Israel lobby drive by threats & by force.
But the enemies of Israel & it's citizens wish either "push them all to the sea", or other options to to wipe it all off! a question of survival not "freedom" for a people!!!
The same goes to Europe by radical left that doesn't want to hear what Huzbullah itself says it wants: another Hummeini regime in Lebanon (asides from eradicating Israel).
These low-lives, the very individuals, the appeasers try to butter up, wish the most anti-freedom one can imagine, from a Taliban like regime to closely tight fanatical Mullahs-run Iran.
Finally, one more suggestion, if "freedom" is to enter in the discussion it is "Freedom fighters" - the Islamists fight minimum value of FREEDOM itself for ANYONE.
In fact we were attacked on 9/11 because they HATE anything 'freedom'
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