Letter 44 -- Self Description

Friday, January 27, 1978–9:36 p.m.

Our Friends,

We would like to, at this point, tell you something about us. We would be an unusual people in your eyes as we are many forms and shapes depending upon the planet from which we nourish and the atmosphere surrounding it.

We are formed, not by parenting, but by thought of the community. And although we are not nurtured in the sense that you understand it and nurture your children, love as we all understand it, flows in and through our growing progenies.

Thought is the main way in which we communicate and in the community in which we dwell there are no thoughts save those of love and progress. So you see we can only produce that which is of love and only love will be its nourishment. It is utterly impossible for us to understand how you people of the earth could wish to harm one another. This is why we explore you to such a degree, to learn more about you so that we may be of better service.

Our progenies begin to learn at a very early age the matter of vibration and raising their consciousness. For there are areas which they attend that best match their attunement capabilities. They live and grow in this environment until they reach the next stage of development at which point they move into a new dwelling place where they work and grow under a new heightened vibration.

However, in each stage they are taught by the “teachers” of the next area of ‘space’, as we call it. There are spaces that if some walked into they would die instantly, for their minds and bodies would be shattered. So too, we who have taken it as our mission to set up a pattern of thought transmission between the two planets, can only communicate with those of you who are of like mind. In other words, our minds must match those with whom we communicate. This present channel is, due to her development, moving into heightened vibrations so that this may occur. It has caused her no little stress.

We are one of many that are communicating with earth at this time, however, and you people will understand this, if you wish to communicate with those who are the most noble and sincere in us, you must be of that same likeness; it cannot happen any other way.


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