Civilians | Dragonriders

* specifies a candidate persona
Leaders and Administrators
Jack Moore68MayorAriel
Joseph Moore37Mayor's AssistantANPC - Ariel
Taryn Svedruzik26Community allocations/SecretaryNPC
Malloren Morgan55Leader of Cove Hold (Northern Continent)BoD NPC

Siyahd Vasiwani56Candidate InterviewerANPC
Theresa Larsen58GeneticistANPC
Gillian Hawkright30PediatricianANPC
Kanaye Zimraan57Senior ScientistMelissa/Marasai
Belle Moore34PaleontologistKatie
Patrick O'Conner20Apprentice Geneticist*Tiffany
Marcus Kita25Apprentice BiochemistSil
Tina Marscone30Dragon Project ScientistNPC

Health Care
Trevor Gray54DoctorSil
Zorina Novak27TherapistRachel
Lilly Lee23NurseANPC
Torsten Stirkksen20Apprentice Medic*ANPC
Tyler Howel29Gynecologist*Tiffany

Animal Husbandry
Cooper Hawkright36Senior VeterinarianANPC
Naeem Mobutu37VeterinarianNPC - Melissa
Julie Finbarr49VeterinarianANPC
Victor O'Conner47VeterinarianANPC

Education, Scholars, and Childcare
Eden Kimball28Kindergarten Teacher*Emily

Sled Pilots and Support Crew
Ronnie Cole20Apprentice Sled PilotKatie
Malik Aswad20Sled Pilot*Manda
Iago Nidal17Apprentice Sled MechanicRachel
Rachel Bowen46Sled Pilot/InstructorLeia

Craft Specialists
Circe Joliet46Solar Panel TechnitionANPC
Jamie Hawkright28BarberANPC
Todd Pete33Courier/CinematographerBecca

Food Production
William Murphy30Bar OwnerKatie
Stacy Dane19Wait StaffAriel
Claire O'Conner46BakerANPC

Sailors, Fishermen, Dolphineers

Other Folks

Silas Tucker19Apprentice DolphineerNPC - Melissa
Moria O'Conner19Apprentice Dolphineer*ANPC
Avalon Kimball7ChildANPC
Sinjian White Feather16StudentCass
Trina Murphy10ChildNPC - Katie
Kyle Kelly6ChildNPC - Becca/Ariel

Key to Abbreviations

NPC: Non-player character. Friends, family, and other characters in the background that may show up in posts.
NPC - [Owner's name]: NPCs followed by a player's name mean they belong to someone. Like personas, these NPCs may not be used without their owner's permission.
ANPC: Adoptable NPC. These characters are up for adoption, which means you can make them a character of your own.
BoD NPC: Board of Directors NPC. These characters may only be played by BoD members unless you have permission.

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