NameCharactersJoin Date
ArielJack, Bianca (bl Panth), Stacy,
Lute (bz Anzuth), Lori (gr Glorith)
October, 2003
CassCalline (gl Efrath), Zann (gr Bennith), Sinn,
Rio (bz Ardeth), Morgana (gr Rasharth)
December, 2003
EmmaNicki (br Prayduth)February, 2004
EmilyEdenMay, 2004
KatieDarleen (gr Gwierth), David (br Cosmoth),
Ronnie, Liam, Dulcinea (gl Umikath),
Perry (Ranith), Belle
October, 2003
LeiaRachelFebruary, 2005
MandaMalik, Sandy (gl Caoth),
Koushiro (br Praolath)
April, 2004
MarasaiKura (gl Silth), Bhavin (bz Enkith)October, 2003
MelissaJoshua (br Dienth), Zyena (gl Ninhursath),
Neil, Nebula
October, 2003
RachelEva (gr Kolinth), Dawson (br Nurith), Zorina, IagoJanuary, 2004
RebeccaTaryn, Bryce (bz Marduth), Jackie (gl Artolth),
Karusai (gr Sirakith), Todd
October, 2003
ShannonLilly, Carl (bz Decimath), FlorianMay, 2004
Sarah S.Linnea (gl Cherrith), Zack (bz Heligrath),
Will (br Tauroth)
October, 2003
TrishGabrielleFebruary, 2005
SilArty (gr Sotrekoth), Raven (bz Belurith),
Doc Wolf, Cicero (gl Vikoridath),
January, 2004
TiffanyReanna (gl Iralinth), Tyler, PatrickMarch, 2004

Bold text specifies a member of the board of directors. The entire board of directions can be reached at [email protected].

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