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Anne McCaffrey's Rules: The rules we must follow to be an approved club

  • There are only five dragon colors: Gold, Bronze, Brown, Blue, Green. Bronzes only Impress men, and golds only Impress women. At New Landing, we do not restrict Impression based on sexual orientation.
  • Anne McCaffrey says Benden Weyr and Ruatha Hold are off-limits. We're not allowed to write stories taking place there. Fortunately, they haven't been founded yet.
  • No "external influences" may appear on Pern, including elements from other Anne McCaffrey series.
  • No Pern based fanfiction or poetry may be placed anywhere online. Role-playing is kept strictly in private E-mail. Post archives must be set for moderators only.
  • You can't use any of McCaffrey's characters (including names or similar sounding names); Your character may not be related to any of her characters. Kitti Ping and Ted Tubberman were the only characters belonging to Anne McCaffrey that existed in our timeline, but they are both dead. To respect Anne's creations, please keep using her those two characters to a minimum. It's okay to mention Kitti Ping's name in passing, but please do not give life to her character or creates things her character may have done. For example:
    It's okay to say: "Kitti Ping was great at what she did. It's really a shame she passed away with so few instructions."
    It's not okay to say: "Kitti Ping and I were best friends. She had tea with me the day before she died and she told me secrets about the dragons!"

    When Posting

  • Posts will be in round-robin or full-post format. Round-robin is when one person starts a subject and someone else replies. Generally, anyone is welcome to jump in, unless it is specified as a closed post in the subject line. A full-post is a longer piece of writing written in short-story format and can be written by an individual or a small group and is sent to the mailing list in its completed form.
  • All posts must have a date in the subject line in a day, month, year format. The current in character month can be found on the news page. We use a 13 month calender, with 28 days in each month. We are currently in year 11. Round-robin posts should take place in the current role-playing month, or the month that just ended, but full posts can take place during any time in our history. A typical subject line for a post should look similar to the following:
    (d1.m11.y10) Midday Meddling (attn: Jack, any)
  • We do not have an age restriction at New Landing, so posts must be rated PG-13. Fade to black when appropriate.
  • Everyone makes typos, but please run spell-check and select a readable font before submitting a post. Don't forget to proofread. Please use proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.
  • Don't be a poser! Under no circumstances are you to play another personís persona without their permission. This includes mentioning something another person's character said or did that wasn't actually played. Please, if you'd like to use someone's character, just drop a quick E-mail or instant message asking permission (include an OOC note so we know you did this). Also, please give the other writer a chance to reply. How often do people take turns giving five minute long speeches during an argument?
  • When a dragon is speaking, it is written with {{brackets.}} When a human is speaking telepathically to his or her dragon, it is written with [[brackets.]]
  • Because we are playing in such a confusing time period, new members must send an introductory post to the BoD for approval and mentoring before posting on the mailing list. Once we give you the okay, you're welcome to participate freely!

    In Character Restrictions

  • The milestones in dragon development will be directed by the BoD. This includes flying, going between, searching candidates, chewing firestone, timing, and mating flights. Writers with female dragons may write their own mating flights and decide who wins, but the BoD will decide when the flights occur and the outcome of the flight if the female involved is a gold (including how many eggs, who Impresses, and who writes the actual hatching). However, you are welcome (an encouraged) to approach us with ideas.
  • In character actions have in character consequences! For example, if your character is evesdropping on a private meeting between political officers, please don't be upset when he or she gets caught and is punished. In character consequences are not a personal attack.
  • Dragons are psychic, not people. What you know and what your character knows are two completely different things. Your character can't read the thoughts of the person they are talking to. The goal of role-playing is to write a story, not to always be right! Along similar lines, your character may not hear someone else's dragon unless that dragon chooses to speak specifically to him or her. We have one character who is able to hear all the dragons speak and plan on his ability being unique for the time being.
  • The only restriction we place on Impression is that golds must be ridden by women, and bronzes must be ridden by men. We donít restrict Impression based on sexual orientation. Female brownriders are allowed but will be rare. Female blueriders will be more common, but blues will choose men more often than women.
  • Organized religion was not brought to Pern. This does not mean your persona must be an atheist, but he or she will not go to church, have their kids baptized, or string up a Christmas tree.
  • Because Kitti Ping died after completely her program, very little is known about dragons... please keep this in mind when posting. Your character will not know what you know about the dragons! Blues may try to fly queens, queens may try to chew firestone, greens may be expected to clutch etc. These are all things that haven't been discovered yet. For a detailed list of what is known and isn't known about dragons, visit the dragon page.
  • Be reasonable! Avoid making cliched characters (such as the fiery redheaded twins or the abused Charterer's daughter) or giving a persona more reponsiblities (i.e. pets) than they could realisticly handle.
  • Any major plot, including anything that affects the entire club, must be run by the BoD first. This includes deaths, fire-lizard hatchings, assassination attempts, major disasters etc. The BoD will direct the major discoveries and events, so please ask us before making your dragon the first one to fly, chew fire-stone, discover between, etc.!
  • Pern is not how we know it in the ninth pass! Please read through the history, world info, description of New Landing, and the rest of the website before joining so you can have a feel for what life is like. It's also recommended that you have read Dragonsdawn, as it is the book that inspired this club!
  • Animals are common but more often kept for practical purposes than as pets, due to limited resources. We still would like to hear from pets at least once a month. Bronze and gold fire-lizards must appear in two posts a month, and one of those must not be about a mating flight! New members may not have a metallic fire-lizard on their first persona. Established members may request a bronze fire-lizard if they do not have one already, while golds will be reserved as rewards contributions to the club. We're very serious about wanting to see your pets played! Unplayed pets will be eaten by predators or become wild.
  • The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the rules, ask members to revise their personas or posts, ask a problematic member to leave the club, and do whatever it takes to make sure the club runs smoothy and is fun. Don't worry, we're very flexible, but we also want to ensure our club is fairly consistent with the world described in Dragonsdawn. Members to show disregard for the club rules, members, or premise may be placed back on moderated status or asked to leave.
  • To show us you have read the website and club rules, please include the line "All that glitters is not gold" in the "motto" section of the persona sheet.

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