Ready to join us? First you can head on over to our mailing list and subscribe. You're welcome to lurk as long as you'd like before creating a persona if you want to get a feel for the club before jumping in. You may introduce yourself, but please do not participate in any role playing until your character and mentoring post have been approved by the BoD. Please E-mail us if you'd like to lurk.

The goal of role-playing on Pern is to write an interesting, intriguing story about quirky and realistic people. New Landing is a a means to play out the fantasy of living in one of Anne McCaffrey’s worlds. This does not mean, however, that your character should be a fantasy of your ideal person. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and your persona should too! We loved flawed characters! Especially if you're hoping to Impress, we love to see quirky and problematic personas! What fun would the club be if all our young dragonriders were beautiful, great leaders and all got along?

Want to know what not to make your character? Please meet Righinn, our very own "What Not to Create Your Persona" created especially for the first pass! Thank you Melissa for creating her.

Please, no purple-eyed red-heads! Keep your characters realistic.

New Landing takes place several hundred years from modern time, when interplanetary travel is an every-day occurrence, so the majority of people will be racially mixed. This would make naturally occurring blue eyes and blonde hair uncommon and green eyes and red hair almost unheard of! Purely one heritage would be very, very unlikely in the age of space travel. If you'd like a character with an usual hair/eye color combination, in can be presumed that some parents would elect to create "designer babies" with rarer phenotypes. Women still dye their hair, if you have your heart set on something unusual.

The BoD may reserves the right to ask you to change your character's psychical appearance or any other aspect of the character which is statistically unlikely or doesn't fit to our time period. For the time being, we currently are not accepting anymore naturally red-headed (including auburn) or green eyed personas do to an over-balanced number of personas with these rare phenotypes. We also are not accepting anymore characters with fully Irish ancestry due an over-abundance of this type of character. We also have an over abundance of young veterinarian candidates/dragon partners. Vets are not restricted, but you're encouraged to create personas with more diverse careers.

Now you've read over the history and rules, you should be ready to create your character! The persona form is below, or you can download a blank copy to fill out in a word processor.

The Real You
E-Mail Address:
Other Weyrs/Clubs:

Your Persona

Physical Description:



Family/Friends: Name/age/rank/location (please only list important ones)

Hobbies & Skills:

If your persona were a song, the title:


Your Dragon (for dragonriders only)
Dragon's Name:
Physical Description:

Is this persona a candidate?

When completed, send to [email protected].

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