Name/Nicknames: Righinn MacGregor
Gender: f
Rank/Position: apprentice livestock breeder
Age: 18
Birthplace: Inverness, Scotland

Physical Description: Southern Pern’s paradisiacal climate seems to have agreed with Righinn. She flowered from an adorable kid into a breathtakingly beautiful young woman, with shimmering gold hair down to her waist, and milky skin that’s the legacy of her Scottish heritage (think Nicole Kidman). She burns in the sun, and so Righinn always wears a hat to preserve her peaches and cream complexion. Her features are small and sculpted, her pores nonexistent, no scars or imperfections. She stands a statuesque 5’9 but maintains a model’s 100 lb figure, as she’s always scrupulous about watching her diet, which is modeled after the ancient Atkins plan. The only fat on her body is molded in all the right places. Righinn always wears flowing skirts and fitted blouses in deeps reds and blues that set off her burnished hair and flashing cerulean blue eyes.

Personality: A personality as bright as her hair, with the added spice of a quick temper and tongue as sharp as a dirk, makes Righinn the kind of proud Celtic beauty that has historically inspired men to launch a thousand ships. Once you get to know her though she’s really tooth-achingly sweet, and as kind and loyal a friend as there ever was. She would gladly die for a friend, a belief, or a child in danger. Righinn believes in always doing the right thing, no matter what the cost, and is personally affronted by all injustice and immorality. It’s her job, she feels, to tell people when they’re doing something wrong, and kindly explain to them the error of their ways; of course, she’s so nice about it that no one ever takes offense.

Horses are her passion in life, though she is almost magically good with all animals – it’s part of her staunch position of always standing up for the little guy, the weak, and the helpless. Children love her and she adores them; when she’s not working with her horses or studying, she likes to go spend time in the crčche, changing the babies’ diapers and wiping the toddlers’ snotty noses. She has a heartbreakingly lovely soprano singing voice but she’s horrendously shy about letting anyone hear her, so she mostly hides her gift away and uses it only to sing old Scottish folk tunes in Gaelic to the crčche kids. She hasn’t had any of her own children yet, though she wants at least a dozen, because while she has men beating down her door for attention, she hasn’t met her soulmate yet, and she will not lose her virginity to anyone less than her one True Love.

Background: Born and raised in the highlands of Scotland, Righinn loved nothing more than helping out on her father’s thoroughbred horse farm. She could ride almost before she could walk and had her own horse, Sparkle, a little palomino mare that Righinn rode in dressage competitions up until the family left for Pern when she was nine. Righinn was inconsolable when she learned that she couldn’t take Sparkle with her, but her father promised that she could have a horse just like her once they were there. The family decided to join the Pern expedition because it was a venture in which they could use their animal husbandry skills for the greater good, as well as obtain the kind of large property they wanted for their horses – there just wasn’t enough room left on technified Earth. Only her brother Casey was disgusted with the idea, but they paid him no attention since he was a computer weirdo and never wanted to go along with the family’s good ideas anyway. Righinn was delighted at the pros pect of a whole new planet to ride Sparkle 2 over!

Once they landed on Pern, Robert worked with the other breeders to get livestock started, while Righinn went to school and learned many new and wonderful things about their home. She was one of the first people to Impress a firelizard, and would have gotten the queen except that this other stupid kid got in her way, so Righinn only ended up with a green. But Princess turned out to be just about the smartest green ever hatched, so much so that Righinn suspects she just got her colour mixed up somehow and was really supposed to be gold!

When enough horses had been born and matured, Robert and Mary claimed their stake on a grassy plateau and built a ranch, like the one back in Scotland, only ten times bigger. Righinn learned how to be a top-notch horsewoman from her dad and studied animal science at Landing up until Thread came. She was away camping with her friends when it Fell and didn’t even know her parents and all the horses (except Sparkle 2, whom she had ridden out camping) were dead until they got back to Landing. Righinn cried inconsolably for weeks until she realized her dad would have wanted her to carry on and be strong. So she joined the sled squadrons, all the while continuing her studies with animals and working as an apprentice under the vets and biologists in the livestock labs. The Dragon Project committee asked her to be a Candidate because of her obvious leadership qualities, general competence, and skill with animals, but at first she graciously declined, not wanting anyone else to lose the chance to Impress just because of insignificant her. But then they made her realize that it was her responsibility to Stand for the good of the colony, and that convinced Righinn to accept! She doesn’t dare hope or even wish that little old her will actually be found acceptable by one of the dragons. While she believes all people and living things are equal and no one is better than anyone else, she dreams of having a beautiful gold dragon because they’re obviously the biggest, best, and smartest colour of firelizard.

Father, Robert MacGregor, horse rancher, Thread casualty
Mother, Mary MacGregor, housewife, Thread casualty
Brother, Casey MacGregor, 23, computer geek, New Landing

Hobbies & Skills: Horseback riding and dressage, Scottish highland dancing, singing, childcare. Fluent in Gaelic. Could probably walk on water if she wanted to, but she’s not a showoff.

If your persona were a song, the title: I’m Every Woman, by Whitney Houston

Pets: Not surprisingly, firelizards are desperately attracted to Righinn, and she has ended up with quite a fair of them! Princess, her first green, is a wild-type but is extremely intelligent, thinks in clearer images than most bigger colours, can do simple mathematics, and generally acts like a queen. Her loyal subjects are menta blues Justin and Joey, and menta browns AJ and Nick, all of whom have personalities completely typical of their colour. Combined, they’re a formidable force and cooperate to do things like help train horses, pick Righinn up and carry her around, and cook gourmet 4-course dinners.

Is this persona a candidate? Of course! And I’d like a gold dragon – it’s the only colour that RILLY suits Righinn’s personality! And pretty pleez can her name be Princessth? I think that would be rilly cool.

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